Ex Racehorse Still Winning – Te Deum

Meet Te Deum, an ex racehorse that is still winning in life!

Te Deum, aka Teddy, is a 16 year old chestnut gelding by Lord Ted out of Plaudit. Te Deum had 16 starts, won 4 races and placed 4 times at both provincial and city meetings.  Most commonly ridden by Hugh Bowman (jockey to Winx) Te Deum won over $60,500 in prize money and was trained by the late Guy Walter at Warwick Farm, Sydney.

In 2007 Te Deum’s racing career came to a halt as it was discovered he was a bleeder. Despite trying to fix this, Guy Walter made the decision that it would be kinder to end Te Deum’s racing career and look to re-home him.

Being a stable favourite due to his kind, calm nature, Walter knew it wouldn’t be long before someone snapped Te Deum up. Word of his retirement travelled fast and within 24 hours Sandra Hudson, mother to Maddie Hudson, had agreed to take Te Deum and re train him as a pony club pony for her daughter then aged 9.

It was then that Te Deum discovered a new life. Him and Maddie became inseparable and were soon competing at local shows in Sydney, mostly show jumping.

Te Deum and Maddie did everything together. Teddy took me everywhere, we did c grade show jumping and although he was a tad lazy he always got me around the course safe and sound.  Despite being an off the track thoroughbred Teddy looked after me so much, we always won pairs in hacking because he just loved every single other horse he met!  We did intro eventing at pony club for a couple of years, it was so much fun, he was an absolute gun at cross country- always nailing the water jumps.  He never thought twice about going over or through anything, he was the safest  and kindest horse I’ve ever come across and I appreciate how much he taught me and looked after me. says Maddie.

Te Deum’s favourite discipline was cross country and he enjoyed regular trips to the beach.

He didn’t enjoy dressage too much because I wasn’t the best at it explains Maddie.

Te Deum, now 16 years old, enjoys a quieter life out in the paddock with his friends. Occasionally, he re visits the track to pony (lead) the young racehorses that are just beginning their careers or to be ridden by young riders that are still learning to ride track work.

Te Deum is living proof that off the track thoroughbreds really can make the best eventers, companions, teachers and ultimately, the most loving friend you could ever ask for.



Racing to Protect & Serve- NSW Mounted Police Unit

The racing life of a Thoroughbred Race Horse varies on a number of factors but mostly comes down to their willingness to want to continue racing. Others reach an age where they simply just have had enough and yearn for a green paddock. Others can happily race on until they reach 12 years of age, which is when they must be retired officially from racing.

Most people often ask what happens to a race horse once it has been retired from racing, there is no generic response to this question as there are a number of options that await an Off The Track Thoroughbred. Some of these options are Showing, Equestrian Events (Show Jumping, Dressage, Cross Country), trail riding, barrel racing and so on. But for a special select few a much more important career awaits!

When you think of Police, the first thoughts that come to mind could include Cops (the American TV show), Bad Boys (the theme song to Cops) and usually means that you are running away from them (maybe because you were checking your phone while driving). One area of the Police Force that seems to be a favourite is the Mounted Police, we all seem to love seeing Police Horses either on the streets or at various events.

So what do race horses and the Police force have in common? For those special few that meet the select criteria and pass their trial period, they go from race track to patrolling the streets, protecting and serving.

On Sunday 26th November, the NSW Mounted Police Unit opened up the gates and invited the general public in for the opportunity to get up close and personal with the troop horses and to get an understanding in the life of a Police Horse.  Our Journo went along in search of Thoroughbreds that have become Police Horses and as proceeds from the day went to Camp Quality, it was hard to go past the NSW Mounted Police Unit Open Day for our Winning Wednesday.

History of the NSW Mounted Police

Established on 7th September 1825 by Governor Brisbane makes it the oldest continuous operation not only in Australia but globally. In 1830 the unit was first located at Belmore Barracks and three country divisions in Bathurst, Goulburn and Maitland. It was not until March 1862 the NSW Police Force was formed.

The unit moved to the current location in Bourke Street in 1907 and has since undergone redevelopment to include top class facilities that allows the police to continuously train the officers (both human and horse) for a life keeping our streets safe. Today the unit comprises of around 36 officers and 31 horses, with 85{fddcb93768ef9c7fdbaa8f7e3070a154b0816ccbd68b1bd9684c02e142c32ffe} being female officers.

Duties of the Mounted Police Unit

Police Horses are used for various occasions and events these range from:

  • Mounted patrols through streets
  • Crowd Management
  • Operational Support
  • Search for missing persons, escapees and some cases searching for evidence.
  • Ceremonial & Parades
  • Musical Rides (if you attend the Easter Show you will be familiar with this demonstration, if not click here to watch

Selection Criteria

Not every horse can become a Police Horse, there is a set criteria that must be met even before the horse will be taken on trial. Should a horse meet the criteria then it is placed on a 3 month trial before being accepted into the force. Here is a look at some of the criteria:


  • The horse must stand 16 hands or above
  • Usually between the ages of 4 and 10 years of age
  • Geldings are preferred however, not mandatory
  • Must be Bay, Brown or Black in colour (this is a tradition that dates back to the 1800’s and has been kept by the unit)
  • Must pass tests on soundness, temperament, trainability and stable handling

Fun Facts about Police Horses

  • A variety of breeds are chosen from, there is not one preferred breed
  • Up to 10 horses can be trialled before being accepted
  • Training may take up to 2 years to complete
  • The horses will have a stable name and a troop horse name
  • Once retired, appropriate homes are found (horses are usually listed in Horse Deals Magazine)

Mounted Police Officers

Just like the horses, the officers must also demonstrate their suitability to be accepted into the Mounted Unit.

So what does it take to be able to wear the blue uniform on the back of a Police Horse?

  • Officers must complete 3 years of general duties at a Local Area Command (LAC) before applying
  •  Pass well-founded medical, physical and written examinations
  • Trained in horse care and saddlery, riding, equitation and lance drills, general duties, arrest procedures, issuing traffic infringements, random breath testing, navigation and search skills.
  • Must train their primary horse while still assisting with others (eventually officers are assigned to one primary horse in which they will be responsible for)
  • Horses must be exercised twice a day

Potential new officers must also undertake a 2 week assessment testing phase which results in the final day with tests under saddle, bareback and jumping. If accepted into the unit, they are subjected to a further 3-4 month course before they can be operational within the unit. Including the mandatory qualifications that officers must have, the mounted unit are required to also hold a Medium Rigid Truck Licence, Equestrian Australian Qualifications (Introductory Riding & Horse Management).

When not out on patrol or other assignments, the officers are responsible for other “fatigue” duties which can include stable maintenance, attending to saddlery, training (troop drill, crowd control, escort duties etc). Must also be possess detailed veterinary knowledge, farrier procedures, rug & tack maintenance and horse transportation.

Mounted Police Thoroughbreds

Walking around the stables in the complex, it was clear that there is definitely a mixture of breeds within the Troop Horses. These ranged from the gorgeous big Clydesdale, Percheron, Stock Horses and of course our favourite the Thoroughbred. Let’s get to know a little about the Thoroughbreds that were found in the stables.


It was hard not to mistake this big boy as a Thoroughbred, as soon as you walk into the first stable complex you are greeted with a towering bay gelding that stands at an imposing 16.2 hands.

Valinorean (Exceed and Excel x Eldarin) is an unraced Thoroughbred bred by the largest operation in the world Godolphin, related to champion Grand Armee. For those not familiar, Godolphin is the racing and breeding operation of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. His passion and dedication for horses is admired by many in the racing game (to read more click here).

Not cutting it as a Race horse, Valinorean was donated by Godolphin to the NSW Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust (TRT). This organisation is part of Racing NSW and is headed by ex mounted police officer Scott Brodie. TRT is a not for profit organisation that takes retired race horses and retrains them for a life after racing. With Scott’s experience having worked in the force, he is aware of what is required for horses to make the grade to be accepted into the Mounted Police Unit, as a result of his potential this big guy is currently on trial, all reports are that he is doing well.

Take a look at some of his training with Scott Brodie here 

Warrigal (Stable Name: Halo)

Another bay thoroughbred gelding standing at an imposing 16.3 hands and weighing over 600kgs he is considered to be one of the best horses in the unit. Warrigal joined the force in 2003 and during his time has performed in front of 80,000 people in the 2005 & 2010 Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Hollywood (Stable Name: Ardy)

This horse comes from racing royalty, his father is none other that champion race horse Octagonal who had won more than $5 million dollars and won the hearts of many people during his race career. Hollywood joined the unit in 2009 and plays a special role within the force in that he is always the first choice for the Commander to ride when attending parades or events.



Other horses that are part Thoroughbred

Beersheeba (Stable Name: Regal)- Warmblood x Thoroughbred, named to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of “The Battle of Beersheeba”

Angus  (Stable Name: Coby)- Percheron x Thoroughbred, related to Ras and Jackson.



Ismo (Stable Name: Vegemite) – Clydesdale x Thoroughbred, stands at 16.3 hands and joined the force in early 2000




So if you ever do wonder where some retired race horses go, just remember the next time that you see the Mounted Police at an event, beach or patrolling the streets, you just never know you may be standing next to an ex champion that has found a life after racing, protecting and serving!

Thoroughbred Events Australia would like to thank the NSW Mounted Police Unit for opening up their gates to give as an insight into the life of a Police Horse but for also giving retired racehorses a life after racing. It was great to see a large crowd turn out and help support Camp Quality.


Article and photos by Kylie Johnson



Behind the Scenes at DPR Breaking

While it was a so enriching to spend time with a true horseman – Daniel Robinson, it also ended up being incredibly educational. There are many things I don’t know when it comes to the working engine of a breaking in operation. Let me take you behind the scenes of DPR Breaking and I hope you find this as interesting as I did.

WATCH the video below to learn the mechanics of this operation.

[wpvideo EkD3w1rX]

WATCH a real insight to the simple things you might like to know – the different saddles used for different disciplines

[wpvideo ZMuWO3Uh]



How The Thoroughbred Club Was Born

It was an absolute delight discussing The Thoroughbred Club with Hannah Brooks.  Hannah is a very talented woman.  A writer by trade but her passion for equestrian is contagious and we surely do get over excited together.

We actually videoed this a while back but it was great to put it together and reminisce on how it all began and why.

The Thoroughbred Club is successfully only due to the generosity and passion of so many people who love thoroughbreds.  But it has now become more than the thoroughbred – it now includes the people who are involved – whether receiving an award, donating a prize, sponsoring a horse, or sponsoring The Thoroughbred Club in their continued work – it is your enthusiasm and love that continually excites me.

All I ask is that you continue to support in any capacity you can – and I mean that – no matter how small or large.  If you can attend an event – fabulous; if you can donate – you are a gem, if you can come and support a polo game/ a race day/a show jumping day – it means you are helping and we are all making a difference.

Soon I will have products for you to purchase with 100% of the profits going to The Thoroughbred Club.  This too will also allow us to continue our amazing sponsorship program at more events.

I feel that our sponsorship program will take priority as we continue to spread the word on who we are.

I know we can do this.  We can all make a difference.  And it is because WE CARE!!!!!

For any assistance, contact Sharon Lenton at events@thoroughbredeventsaus.com.au or at contacts on
Thoroughbred Events Australia website.

Progress Report – Kings Landing

This is the BEST and most rewarding part about The Thoroughbred Club and I am so delighted to be writing this story.

Kings Landing was a horse dropped at Echuca Sales and brought to The Thoroughbred Club’s attention as an ex race horse.  His breeding was Magnus out of Wings of Courage.  As a 7 year old gelding, he had 7 starts for 1 win.

The Thoroughbred Club were grateful that Kylie Stephenson notified us and we were able to raise money and give him a new much loved life in the loving care of Anna Robertson.

Here is our first meeting with King.  He is certainly our “King” and I personally would love to thank everyone involved who donated the funds for us to give King a new life after racing.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I loved preparing this.  My heart certainly beats and my eyes always swell when I watch this again and again.  It really shows that we can make a difference.  We made a huge difference to King’s life and now he resides in beautiful green pastures in Scone.

Please WATCH this video as I introduce our KING to you – King’s Landing.

Our heart felt thank you goes to Barbara Wenman, Lee Kerin of Watagan Grange, Caroline Foote of Head to HOOF, Helen Schofield and to Hannah Brooks a driving force behind me.

Of course we cannot thank Anna Robertson enough for her kindness.



Northside Riding Club – Xmas Party

It was a great privilege to be invited to the Northside Riding Club‘s Xmas party and to be part of their awards.  The Thoroughbred Club sponsored 3 Special Achievement Awards to 3 outstanding Off the Track Thoroughbreds.  So many amazing stories were written so it was difficult to pick 3.  But the winners were:

  1. Sherryn McPherson with Smokey
  2. Isabel Roach with Kresten
  3. Aimee Ferraro with Atticus

I will get these 3 stories up in due course.

The day was such a great day for all the family including our beloved 4 legged.








I just loved being able to bring my precious – Zac – for a great, fun day.  He had a ball playing with the other dogs and watching all the action. Poor thing, he was totally worn out when he got home and took himself straight to bed the minute we walked in the door.IMG_0396.JPG

The best way to describe Northside Riding Club is small Club with a HUGE heart.

It is with sincere admiration that I would like to congratulate Amelia Anne Curic on her new appointment as President of Northside Riding Club.  Amelia is such a wonderful woman and so dedicated.  The Club is certainly in very capable hands.

In conclusion, The Thoroughbred Club very much look forward to further involvement in 2017 with Northside Riding Club.

WATCH … parts of Northside Riding Club Xmas Party




Count Encosta – Updated – October

While out at DPR Breaking it was an absolute pleasure to see Count Encosta.


He is doing well.  While still a long way to go for a full recovery, he is happy and enjoying his life.

Each horse person has their own way on what is best for the horse and I was impressed on the knowledge his new owner has and the planned progress that Count is set on.  There is no hard work or riding.  Count really needs to have a full recovery and is happy being a horse and running around his paddock.

I love the fact that wherever you go, Count heads over to check you out.  He loves a good scratch and all the attention.  He is unfazed by dogs playing around his feet and seems to take the whole world in his stride.


Introducing DPR Breaking – Daniel Robinson

I had the pleasure of being invited out to visit DPR Breaking located at Orchard Hills.  Firstly to visit Count Encosta (which I will share under a different post) and secondly, to meet Daniel Robinson an amazing young man who has built his business building a bond with each and every horse he has the pleasure of educating.


Since moving to Australia, Daniel has had the opportunities to work for trainers such as David Hayes, John Thompson (Patinack Farm) and Sydney premiership winner Chris Waller.

Dan is all about striving to create the best environment and experience for any horse that comes into his care, from problem horses to the young and inexperienced.

The world is at Dan’s feet and with a stable full of outstanding bred horses, it is easy to see why the top trainers trust Dan with their newly purchased yearlings or in some case, those a little troubled to get to understand them – never to break their spirit.

I came away in awe and filled with love for the thoroughbred knowing they are all in good hands and enjoying their life.

Dan joins our line up of outstanding people achieving outstanding results in the thoroughbred industry and unites with us in our “We Care” campaign.

Daniel Robinson

2016 Tamworth World Cup Shown – Best Performed Off the Track Thoroughbred

On Saturday 8 October Julie Redden and I started our “Thelma & Louise” car trip.  First stop, Scone to picked up Simon Frame and then we were off to Ellerston Spring Trophy & Archibald-Cudmore Trophy at Ellerston Polo Club.  This Polo tournament commenced on 1 October and completed on 9 October held on the most beautiful grounds of Mrs Ros Packer.  No photos were permitted and words cannot explain how beautiful this property is.  We did indeed enjoy our time here as we cheered on Ellerston White headed by Glen Gilmore (captain), M Grimes, E Archibald & L Gilmore (Glen’s son).  I can give you another idea on why I was going for Ellerston White – Ed Archibald who I had interviewed at Scone Polo Club two weeks earlier – such a charmer and so entertaining.  But alas, it was not our day and it was team Troika that won.  Not all was loss as on team Troika was Jake Daniels who I had presented to at Polo in the City two years ago.  Jake often rides off the track thoroughbreds.  So after a lovely day of sipping on Moet & Chandon (of course me with more because I didn’t have to drive!) we headed to Tamworth.

We had the most interest drive – there to say the least.  Not only did we end up with a torn tyre which caused us to be completely flat, we were in the middle of no where!!!!  We were definitely off the beaten track.  All that was close was a sheep station and there just happened to be a wedding on there (people!!!)- I took sight and headed over.  But as I was walking up their long dirt drive way the sound of a truck came along the road.  I quickly ran back and Julie did her thing and flagged this truck down. With gratitude to this young country boy, he changed our tyre.  Then his mate showed up in the next truck.  Due to this time lag, we now missed the only petrol station in Nundle and of course we were on red.  No petrol … what now are we to do? First we were told to go to the motel up the road as they may have a key to the petrol station – but not home.  Lucky the 2 young country boys that stopped said they were off to the pub so off to the pub we go.  Hello boys!!! Remember us (ha, ha, ha).  And once again, these fab boys came to our rescue.  I just had to buy these boys a beer.  Into the pub I go and ran into Kitchen Hill Stud Manager – Michael Malone.  “What the hell are you doing here?”, he said, “there are no fashions on the field this neck of the woods”. I assure you there wasn’t!!!! After a laugh and quick chat, proceeded to the bar only to just beat in a herd of bikies – “Hello” and a quick exit I made.  So our journey continued.

Finally we made it to Tamworth and headed straight to the Tamworth World Cup Show.  It was breathtaking. These bars were high and only 4 horse & riders made a perfect clean round.  I am so grateful to say that Michael Lees who was on board Keilor Canny Ever was one of them.  Keilor Canny Ever is an off the track thoroughbred who raced under the name of Canny Prophet and it is this horse that we were so happy to say won our beautiful rug.  Congratulations to Michael & Keilor Canny Ever.


WATCH this video for a PERFECT ROUND with Michael Lees and Keilor Canny every at Tamworth World Cup Show Jumping Qualifier.

[wpvideo HDg3oiDM]

The next day we went back to the arena for more show jumping and to present the rug.  A huge thank you to all the 35 Off the Track Thoroughbreds and their riders who competed. It was wonderful to see so many.  I know how much you all “CARE” about your horse.

Thank you to all those who allowed The Thoroughbred Club to be part of their very special event.  My sincere thank you goes to Megan Scrivener.  You are truly a remarkable woman.



The Thoroughbred Club on tour

We founded The Thoroughbred Club (TTC) in 2015 to showcase the beauty and versatility of the thoroughbred breed. The TTC demonstrates by supporting ex-racehorses in their transition into a new career in another equestrian discipline.

As part of The Thoroughbred Club (TTC) – we were delighted to be a guest of Scone Polo Club this weekend for the Dougal Archibald Cup. The TTC came bearing gifts for the best performing off-the-track mare and gelding at the tournament.

The TTC have launched their new initiative. This campaign focuses on building transparency in and around the transition of these horses into a new career. As the TTC tours NSW it’s heartening to see ex-racehorses thriving in their second careers in other sports, such as Polo.

WATCH this video for a SNEAK PEAK into my weekend at Scone.

[wpvideo tzjcQnkL]

Thanks to the Scone Polo Club for their hospitality this weekend.