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All proceeds go 100% to the running of The Thoroughbred Club.

The Thoroughbred Club was born to showcase off the track horses at their new career once they finish racing.

We were first in New South Wales to bring awareness of the thoroughbred after it finished racing at various thoroughbred events through our social media and actually attending which enabled us to build strong relationships with these thoroughbred clubs.

The Money raised at all Thoroughbred Events Australia events since 2015 has been used to sponsor, promote and attend various off the track thoroughbred events around New South Wales.  To date, New South Wales alone has sponsored more than 25 individual events (up to 2019) and will continue to grow due to the generosity at our events and now membership.

With your membership, our agenda is to showcase as many off the track events as we can.

We will look into saving as many horses as we financially are in a position to do so.  We will purchase them on behalf of The Thoroughbred Club and these horses will be chosen by our professional agent.  Each horse will obtain the services of a vet, a farrier and will be put on an equine nutrition program.
We will transport them to a safe house and then onto a new home.  Best of all we will continue to watch their progress in their new forever home and career.

Of course we will always be looking at the best way our funds should be distributed to achieve the best outcome for our off the track thoroughbreds. We are passionate and active.

Our horses are versatile, intelligent, loving and they bring us much joy.  They should never be disposed of.

Know your money primarily goes to our Off the Track Assistance Program:

  • sponsoring our “off the track” horses
  • supporting our “off the track” events
  • supporting our local community, and
  • supporting thoroughbred women.

Note:  This year we are sponsoring  the best performed Off the Track Thoroughbred at Polo in the City all around Australia.

As a member, you will also be:

  • a VIP Thoroughbred Girl  immediately;
  • first on our list to any Thoroughbred Events Australia events and be rewarded;
  • invited to other Australia wide exclusive thoroughbred events;
  • introduced to Thoroughbred Girls all over Australia;
  • invited to our monthly meetings where we share our love of the Thoroughbred;
  • empowered by our guest speakers such as discussions on anxiety, depression, happiness, relationships, gratefulness;
  • encouraged to join us at any of our presentations and photo shoots when we sponsor at any racing, polo, show jumping etc events;
  • if interested, be able to assist with charity work relating to off the track.

By becoming a Thoroughbred Club member you will help us achieve our goals as a united entity.

Early bird up to 30 April 2020:
Monthly Membership Fee of $10 per month
Yearly Membership Fee of $100 per year

Standard Membership as of 1 May 2020:
Monthly Membership Fee of $15 per month
Yearly Membership Fee of $150 per year

We are proud to open our doors to our country comrades.

Country (being 200 km from CBD) Monthly Membership Fee of $10 per month
Country (being 200 km from CBD) Yearly Membership Fee of $100 per year