Membership - Thoroughbred Events Australia


The Thoroughbred Club would like to invite you to assist us as much as you can. Our aim is to assist in the placement of retired race horses to a safe and sound – home for ever.

All proceeds go 100% to The Thoroughbred Club to assist with sponsorship of Off the Track Events.
If you would like to list your horse and place it through our system, we would like to capture your story and keep you up to date with all that is happening with The Thoroughbred Club.

Please pre-register your interest by completing the quick form here.

Once you have pre-registered we will be in touch to discuss further details with you about one or more of the following options:

1. Registering your horse through The Thoroughbred Club system

2. Registering as one of The Thoroughbred Club re-trainers

3. Social Membership of The Thoroughbred Club

We appreciate your interest in what happens to racehorses after they have retired from the track and we look forward to you joining our incredible community.