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Thoroughbred Girls

We love going to the races and catching up.
You will also find us attending various events including charity lunches, Polo, meeting up for drinks and dinners.

The girls have now been racing together since 2017 and we always welcome new girls who are interested in joining us.
Below are the horses we have shares in (many girls have shares now in other horses too):

*   Matthew C Smith Racing (Passistas – Exosphere x She Goes to Rio)

Thoroughbred Girls No. 1
*  Sam Kavanagh Racing (Sikandarabad – Dr Fong x Sindiyma)

Thoroughbred Girls No. 2
*  Ellerton Zahra Racing (Winds of March – Tarzino x Palace Wind)

Thoroughbred Girls No. 3
*  Warren Krongold Racing (Conte Grigio – Epaulette x Muscatels)

Thoroughbred Girls No. 4
* Kristen Buchanan Racing (Kicks Away – Scissor Kick x Often Away)

Thoroughbred Girls No. 5
* Sam Kavanagh Racing – Written Tycoon x Cries & Whiskers

Thoroughbred Girls No. 6 & 7
* Sam Kavanagh Racing – Star Witness x Hilton’s Head

*  Charlotte Littlefield – Wild Flame

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