Northside Riding Club – Xmas Party

It was a great privilege to be invited to the Northside Riding Club‘s Xmas party and to be part of their awards.  The Thoroughbred Club sponsored 3 Special Achievement Awards to 3 outstanding Off the Track Thoroughbreds.  So many amazing stories were written so it was difficult to pick 3.  But the winners were:

  1. Sherryn McPherson with Smokey
  2. Isabel Roach with Kresten
  3. Aimee Ferraro with Atticus

I will get these 3 stories up in due course.

The day was such a great day for all the family including our beloved 4 legged.








I just loved being able to bring my precious – Zac – for a great, fun day.  He had a ball playing with the other dogs and watching all the action. Poor thing, he was totally worn out when he got home and took himself straight to bed the minute we walked in the door.IMG_0396.JPG

The best way to describe Northside Riding Club is small Club with a HUGE heart.

It is with sincere admiration that I would like to congratulate Amelia Anne Curic on her new appointment as President of Northside Riding Club.  Amelia is such a wonderful woman and so dedicated.  The Club is certainly in very capable hands.

In conclusion, The Thoroughbred Club very much look forward to further involvement in 2017 with Northside Riding Club.

WATCH … parts of Northside Riding Club Xmas Party




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