2016 Tamworth World Cup Shown – Best Performed Off the Track Thoroughbred

On Saturday 8 October Julie Redden and I started our “Thelma & Louise” car trip.  First stop, Scone to picked up Simon Frame and then we were off to Ellerston Spring Trophy & Archibald-Cudmore Trophy at Ellerston Polo Club.  This Polo tournament commenced on 1 October and completed on 9 October held on the most beautiful grounds of Mrs Ros Packer.  No photos were permitted and words cannot explain how beautiful this property is.  We did indeed enjoy our time here as we cheered on Ellerston White headed by Glen Gilmore (captain), M Grimes, E Archibald & L Gilmore (Glen’s son).  I can give you another idea on why I was going for Ellerston White – Ed Archibald who I had interviewed at Scone Polo Club two weeks earlier – such a charmer and so entertaining.  But alas, it was not our day and it was team Troika that won.  Not all was loss as on team Troika was Jake Daniels who I had presented to at Polo in the City two years ago.  Jake often rides off the track thoroughbreds.  So after a lovely day of sipping on Moet & Chandon (of course me with more because I didn’t have to drive!) we headed to Tamworth.

We had the most interest drive – there to say the least.  Not only did we end up with a torn tyre which caused us to be completely flat, we were in the middle of no where!!!!  We were definitely off the beaten track.  All that was close was a sheep station and there just happened to be a wedding on there (people!!!)- I took sight and headed over.  But as I was walking up their long dirt drive way the sound of a truck came along the road.  I quickly ran back and Julie did her thing and flagged this truck down. With gratitude to this young country boy, he changed our tyre.  Then his mate showed up in the next truck.  Due to this time lag, we now missed the only petrol station in Nundle and of course we were on red.  No petrol … what now are we to do? First we were told to go to the motel up the road as they may have a key to the petrol station – but not home.  Lucky the 2 young country boys that stopped said they were off to the pub so off to the pub we go.  Hello boys!!! Remember us (ha, ha, ha).  And once again, these fab boys came to our rescue.  I just had to buy these boys a beer.  Into the pub I go and ran into Kitchen Hill Stud Manager – Michael Malone.  “What the hell are you doing here?”, he said, “there are no fashions on the field this neck of the woods”. I assure you there wasn’t!!!! After a laugh and quick chat, proceeded to the bar only to just beat in a herd of bikies – “Hello” and a quick exit I made.  So our journey continued.

Finally we made it to Tamworth and headed straight to the Tamworth World Cup Show.  It was breathtaking. These bars were high and only 4 horse & riders made a perfect clean round.  I am so grateful to say that Michael Lees who was on board Keilor Canny Ever was one of them.  Keilor Canny Ever is an off the track thoroughbred who raced under the name of Canny Prophet and it is this horse that we were so happy to say won our beautiful rug.  Congratulations to Michael & Keilor Canny Ever.


WATCH this video for a PERFECT ROUND with Michael Lees and Keilor Canny every at Tamworth World Cup Show Jumping Qualifier.

[wpvideo HDg3oiDM]

The next day we went back to the arena for more show jumping and to present the rug.  A huge thank you to all the 35 Off the Track Thoroughbreds and their riders who competed. It was wonderful to see so many.  I know how much you all “CARE” about your horse.

Thank you to all those who allowed The Thoroughbred Club to be part of their very special event.  My sincere thank you goes to Megan Scrivener.  You are truly a remarkable woman.



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