2017 Winning Wednesday – Barbara Wenman

Welcome to our FIRST Winning Wednesday’s Article.  The idea behind this is to promote owners from all over Australia.  Get to know them, get to know their horse or just get to know what they are doing in the racing industry.

The first Winning Owner you get to meet is my very dear friend, Barbara Wenman.  This is one woman who loves racing and her horses.

How many horses do you own?

Right now I am in 15 horses:  some I have bred, some I own outright, and others in syndicates.

There are 10 racing at the moment with 3 fillies I have bred at Widden Stud and  Charlesworth Park and 2 more pregnant mares .

I have been breeding and racing for 15 years and am fourth generation of my family to be involved in racing.

What horses are racing now?

I am in a syndicate with Darby racing with “Last Starfighter” where I own 15{fddcb93768ef9c7fdbaa8f7e3070a154b0816ccbd68b1bd9684c02e142c32ffe}.  Mark Holland of Darby racing is also an owner.  Starfighter had his first start at Canterbury on Wednesday 24 May (running 2nd) and again last Saturday 3 June at Rosehill (running 3rd).  It was great to share these runs with fellow owners Wanda and her husband who we met at Gai’s stables on Sunday

I fell in love with Starfighter when I first saw him and had to have him.  He is trained by Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott.

I have been associated with Darby Racing for about 4 years and currently have two horses with them

They are fantastic to be associated – honest, trustworthy and lovely down to earth Boys who make race days a load of fun with many thrills.

Yesterday, Tuesday 6 June Cinderconi had a barrier trial and it won’t be too long before she is racing again.  Lightly raced – 1 start for 1 win.  I am in this horse with 16 other fun owners that Sharon organised – mostly girls that we all go to the races and events with.  We know this will be fun.

What do you do before a race?

I always get very nervous before a race and ask the angels to bring Horse and Jockey home safe and of course – first!  I try to match my outfit to the horse’s silk colours and always wear the same jewellery when my horse is racing particularly my bracelet which has charms on it.  This special bracelet was given to me by my children: a horseshoe, boot and stirrup, a horse’s head, a trophy cup with the no 1.indicating first, a diamanté bottle of champagne and champagne glass – and the Eiffel Tower – because we all need to dream. I team this with my pink diamond ring I bought when my horse won the JJ Atkins and to top it off a diamond Star ring as we all reach for the stars!!!

What does ownership mean to you?

I always try to get to the track if my horse is running.  I feel there’s no point in having horses if you can’t get hands on with them and they do steal your heart.    No matter what, we always celebrate after a race.  There is a thrill in just being there with your horse at your races and being involved. The bigger the win, the bigger the celebration!

I live in Coffs Harbour so sometimes when the track is too far, I am glued to a large TV screen.

Personal comment (and I didn’t get her to write this)?

I am so lucky to have met Sharon Lenton of Thoroughbred Events Australia. She has opened many doors for me and introduced me to many wonderful people.  Sharon is a beautiful, generous friend and loads of fun.   I love her and applaud the work she does for the racing industry, polo and show jumping with regards to the ex-race horse.

Thank you so much Barbara for your time, your comments and your very kind words.  All of us reading this article, we wish you all the success in your racing world.

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