Victoria’s Thoroughbred Club Ambassador – Sinead Hughes

We aare so thrilled to have a new Thoroughbred Club Ambassador for Victoria who is set to soar.

Let’s meet our Ambassador Sinead Hughes who has so much knowledge about thoroughbreds, is set to assist with our off the track stories and behind the scenes of the thoroughbred world.

Welcome Sinead, we are absolutely thrilled to have you on board.  What makes you excited to be involved with Off the Track thoroughbreds?

Hi Sharon, thank you, I’m absolutely thrilled to be Victoria’s Thoroughbred Club Ambassador. I am super excited to get out and meet all the fabulous Off the Track Thoroughbreds and their riders. It is so important that these horses get the acknowledgement they deserve after their racing careers. These horses are extremely versatile and I can’t wait to share all the success stories.

Let’s start with your involvement in horses. Tell us about your love for horses and how it all began?

Oh, how to answer this one. My involvement with horses started at the tender age of 13, when all I wanted to do was ride. ‘Six Pence’ was my first ever pony and I was obsessed with him. Most days I would come back home covered in mud and horse hair, much to my mum’s disgust. After all, she was the one who did the laundry. Horses for me hold my best childhood memories. Horse back camping weekends on the Slieve Bloom mountains in Co. Offaly were the best days ever. Indescribable. It’s an obsession that has just grown and grown. I brought my first yearling through the ring at Fairyhouse sales in Ireland when I was just 16 years old and that’s when my passion for the Thoroughbred began.

Tell us about your business Sunhill Bloodstock?

Sunhill Bloodstock was launched in June 2017 on a property of just 20 acres. Due to overwhelming demand from pre-existing and new clients the business has gone from strength to strength. Today, the farm comprises 300 acres. We had an amazing 2018 breeding season. We foaled down 65 mares, and our fertility rate, across the board, was 96%. Clients have already booked a spot for their mares to return and foal down at Sunhill for this coming breeding season. We are currently preparing yearlings for sales and weaning our final batch of foals.

What continues to make you so passionate about the thoroughbred?

I just love them. The thoroughbred, as a breed, are intelligent, noble, and graceful. They have also given me the best life that I could ever imagine. I have traveled the world, met my husband, and I continue to learn more and more every day about them. All mares on farm are like family,  and to see one enter the world is honestly the best feeling, of which I can’t explain. They are my addiction.

What are you looking forward to the most as being our Victoria’s Thoroughbred Club Ambassador?

Honestly I can’t wait to get out and meet people. Interviewing the amazing people who work within our industry and hearing their stories. Being the ambassador is a extremely important role, and one which I am truly honoured to be apart of. I will relish the ability to help promote the Thoroughbred industry and our Off the Track Thoroughbreds .

What are you keen to bring to our audience:

All that is good within our industry.

Thank you so much Sinead. We can’t wait to read your stories and following your journey with The Thoroughbred Club.