Thoroughbred Club Thursday – Brunchie

Meet owner Christine Carter and her horse, Brunchie  (race Brunchtime)

Here is a brief overview of  Brunchie’s race history:

He was sold at the Magic Millions for $35k and won over $300,00k. Back in the 1990s. He also won at Randwick. Christine has a whole book on his winnings and racing history. He was referred to as The Glitzy Horse from the Gold Coast in the media as he was chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail.

Christine’s  story on how she came to own Brunchie:

My father in law at the time had bought him from the Magic Millions and then raced him. He sustained an injury and they didn’t rest him long enough so he couldn’t continue to race. He was trucked down to me and was mine until he died. He wasn’t supposed to jump but he LOVED it, we didn’t do it though as he was excellent at dressage. What a great athletic he was.

What discipline does Brunchie now excel:


Personal story about Brunchie:

He loves Champagne! He used to enjoy sipping it when he won things. He hated the stable when there was a storm, he’d yell until I would get up and let him out. He had movement to die for. He could buck like a demon – one ride I was with my sister and we were cantering along, he did a giant buck, I went up his neck and thought I was off, but he put his head back up and pushed me back into the saddle. He was a beautiful horse, inside and out. I was scared of him when he arrived as he was the star of the stables and pretty much thought that was how it should be. But we worked through it and had a blast. He loved dressage tests, as we rode in and down the centre line, I swear he was like ‘I’m here, look at me!’ he was always better in the test than the warm up! Loved him to bits.

Thank you Christine

We at Thoroughbred Events Australia and The Thoroughbred Club wish you all the success in the world.
Because of you we know our beloved race horses are being cared for.