2017 Country Racing – Fashion on the Field, a “Knock Out”

Country NSW – “it has been an incredible year running fashions on the field around country NSW” 

Today we congratulate all the amazing fashion around the countryside.

Getting prepared for a race meeting can take a lot of time as well as can leave a huge hole in the pocket.  It is becoming so evident that women at every meeting Thoroughbred Events Australia (TEA) have organised or attended (and not to mention all the other tracks we are not at) women certainly have leaped to a high standard of fashion.

Why?Personally TEA thinks it is due to being able to access fashion over the internet.  Today woman can see various racing fashion sites, who are showcasing all the “winners” and country girls are able to see first hand what other winners are wearing.  With a vision in mind, they are then able to try and emulate and reach the high standard that is required to take home the sash in their own home town at fashions on the fields.

While Thoroughbred Events Australia has been showcasing for over 8 years in Sydney and country NSW, we would like to thank the other bloggers and fashions sites such as Its All about the Sash (with huge thanks to Em Scodellaro), Racing Fashion (though no longer blogging but was a pioneer), Milano Imai (with so much useful insight to getting ready); Racewear Carousel (not only showing you the trend but also can buy on line) and a much favourite of ours On Track On Trend (just love what these 2 get up too – Angela Menz & Lisa Tan).

Today there is so much help not only being able to buy direct to shops over the internet but also with the recycled winning outfits on Millinery and Racewear for Sale – Australia and it is evident it is a winner with 29,000 followers.  This site has made it easy to find a winning outfit and to buy at a much reduced price.  While it is not for everyone (especially for milliners who work so hard to come up with new designs but see their pieces on-sold) it is a winner for girls on a budget.

Today even milliners and designers have the most stunning websites and they are too just a click away to assisting you get a look that will certainly put you in the finals.

So with all this help, no wonder women all over Australia are looking so incredibly stunning.  We applaud you – GIRLS!!!  Thank you so much for attending fashions on the field and making a day at the races not only fun but visually beautiful (and this is not only to the men but actually for other women to admire).