The Thoroughbred Club – Off the Track Standardbreds

Thoroughbred Events Australia sponsor and run The Thoroughbred Club and it is in that capacity Sharon was off to Tamworth Paceway to judge fashions on the field with horse in hand on Sunday 18 March 2018.  All horses were off the track Standardbreds and this event was sponsored by De Lorenzo.

It was great to expand to more off the track horses as they all deserve a worthwhile life after racing or trotting. These horses thrive as a racehorse or trotter and we know that is where the money is. To see these horses take on another career is just so heartwarming.

There are many stories out there on how the horse ended with their new owner and the bond they have developed. These are the stories we all love to hear. Here are a couple of owners and Off the Track Standardbreds you will love as much as we, at TEA do.

Fashions on the Field Horse in lead is a great way for owner and horse to bond together and to show their own unique fashion style.

The brow band is the most popular fashion accessory for the horse and they tend to be quite regal.  The owner and horse match in harmony and this is how the winner is chosen.

The look of the horse and how they present is vital.  This category is quite new and TEA are so proud to be asked to come and judge.  “I love meeting the horses and the owners” Sharon said.  “They are just so proud and the love for the horse always shines through”.


The winner was this gorgeous grey stallion Blue Double Dee with Judy Frisby.

Sincere gratitude must go to Standardbred Pleasure & Performance Horse Association (SPPHA NSW) for putting on this great day especially to Amanda Santangelo.

Congratulations to Connor Richardson with his great Off the Track Standardbred.  Connor won the Harness Racing Off the Track Series that was held all over the countryside.  Finals were held on Sunday too at Tamworth.

To understand SPPHA NSW, their main objective is to promote the Standardbred horse in equestrian activities beyond their lives in Harness Racing and find homes for them when they finish their racing careers.

The charter of the SPPHA NSW is to promote the Standardbred as a successful and versatile horse that can excel in many disciplines outside their traditional role of harness racing.

Through an adoption program they endeavour to locate suitable pleasure and performance homes for Standardbred horses retired from or otherwise unsuitable for harness racing.

TEA applauds all the people who work so hard work to ensure these days are successful.  Due to their contribution, we know these events can expand so more off the tracks are homed.