Fashion Friday – Transeasonal Dressing – the Way to Go

Seasons are becoming less and less obvious and we can no longer think in the traditional way of Spring and Autumn for race wear.

It is time for fashions to change when coming to dressing for the “correct” season.

As at 1 March, we now move into so called “autumn attire” but who really can think of putting on an outfit in a heavy fabric or wearing a felt hat!!!

It is time for transeasonal dressing.

What does that mean?

Transeasonal dressing is built around a wardrobe that can be worn in any weather.

So to break this right down, when it comes to what fabric should be worn – think silk, a light cashmere, a heavier type cotton, a mix blend is always perfect as it holds shape.

When it comes to style, not revealing, shoulders covered and hemlines down.

When it comes to head pieces, leather and heavier fabric are transeasonal.

What about trying some amazing material – try and be adventurous eg wire, wood, mirrors, spikes – just a few ideas.

TEA’s tip

When starting a transeasonal wardrobe, always invest in a well tailored black suit or dress.  In autumn throw over a beautiful trenchcoat or a coloured jacket in line with the “new” season colour – always think about adding layers.

In spring, why not add a bright colour bag or a fun larger style headpieces.  Flowers are always a winner.

All about the Colours

To help bring this look together, let’s look at what colours are in.  Autumn colours seem to be looking towards bright shades (like yellow) and soft hues (like lavender – My favourite colour).  However, you should be aware that neutrals are still popular for this season.

I feel that anyone converting their wardrobe to a transeasonal one, will get a lot of wear out of their pieces all year round.

With so much country racing going on and the weather is anything but cold, transeasonal (for me) will certainly influence any new pieces to be added to my wardrobe.


Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we take you to shops to find these “transeasonal” pieces.

Words by Sharon Lenton