Ownership Series – From Purchase to Race Day

Congrats on your purchase of your yearling.  Here is a simple outline on what to expect from this day to when your horse races.

Your horse has been sold as a yearling which is a 1 year old filly or colt. (There are weanling sales but suggest do not get involved if you are just starting out.  Can explain this in another article). 

You are so excited and can’t wait to see your horse race but, it is a baby and it won’t race until it is at least 2 years old.

From the day you purchased your yearling, your yearling would have been sent straight to a spelling yard to grow and mature.

No matter when your horse was born, as at 1 August your horse has a birthday and becomes another year older.

As of 1 August 2019 your horse will then be a 2 year old and is now allowed to trial by racing rules.

While your horse is spelling, your trainer and the carer at the spelling yard will have been in constant contact and they will agree when the time is right for your horse to commence its first preparation – known as “prep” (start getting excited!!!).

Expect at least 12 weeks from the spelling paddock to race day if all goes well.

  1. Commences Pre-Training
  2. Will come Into your trainer’s stable
  3. Gets ready for its barrier trial No.1
  4. If it stands up, more work in stable
  5. Will now be ready for trial No.2
  6. If still all is well – you are now set for your first race

Always be mindful this is a very young horse and may not stand up for all its first preparation.  The words “Shin sore” are words you definitely need to know as most young horses will get this and they will need to go straight back to the paddock.

Do not get upset.  Your horse will be looked after and honestly, the longer your horse is in a paddock the stronger it will become.

While you put your hopes on winning the golden slipper or the 2 year old magic millions, not all horses hold up as a 2 year old.  There are plenty of races to run as a 3 year old and statistic have it that the longer a horse has to grow, the longevity of their racing career increases.