Meet our WA Ambassador – Bethany Brajkovich

Let’s meet our new WA Ambassador Bethany Brajkovich who will bring WA racing, fashion, events and women health issues to our lives. Sharon gets up close and personal with Beth.

Welcome Beth, we are absolutely delighted to have you on board.  We have been following your journey for a few years now as founder of “Best Dressed Accessories”.  What made you excited to become our Ambassador for WA?

Thank you so much. It’s such a honour to be involved in Thoroughbred Events Australia. I am so excited to be part of an organisation that celebrates the racing industry as attending track events is a favourite past time of mine and TEA is such a well respected organisation.

Have you always lived in WA?

Absolutely, I’m a very proud West Australian and absolutely love it over here. Our beaches, wineries and of course racetracks are absolutely sensational.

What made you get into racing?

My Nan! As a youngster she would have me play hostess at her Melbourne Cup parties and taught me how to punt and since then I have always loved attending the races or race day events. Over the last few years I’ve taken it up a notch and attended the races regularly for Fashions on the Field and also with my family for a nice meal and a day of solid punting.

What do you love the most about racing?

Without a doubt the racing community. I have met and made so many amazing friends and have had some of the best days of my life on the track with these incredible women. Everyone is so kind and supportive I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

Your attention to fashion details has been outstanding, what makes you love racing fashion so much?

Thank you! Fashions on the field is a creative outlet for me. I love expressing myself through fashion and millinery choices and showing my interpretation of certain ‘looks’. I love that FOTF is open to everyone and its not a beauty competition, its focused on class and style which is a rarity in todays world.

You have a new passion that you are keen to get up and running – working with women’s well-being.  What made you want to change your direction from running Best Dressed Accessories to working in the health field?

I’m passionate about taking the stigma away from discussing mental health issues and am advocate for women’s well being. Recently I’ve completed studies in this field and am looking forward to dedicating more of my time to raising awareness about issues we all face from time to time like anxiety. Concurrently, Best Dressed Accessories will be rebranding in February and bringing in a smaller and more exclusive range of products for our clients.

Your first assignment is a day at Polo in the City.  What are you keen to see on the day?

The Polo is the relaxed sister of the track races so ladies can enjoy a more relaxed but still polished approach to fashion. Think a-line dresses or simple column cuts with thigh splits or even have some fun with a shorter, flirtier hem lines in a mini dress. Linen is on trend at the moment and is the perfect texture for the polo. In terms of colours neutrals and earth tones such as beige, tan, chocolate, rust, burnt coral pink and soft blues are on trend and of course I’m expecting to see a lot of white.

For millinery leave your crowns at home ladies, I’m looking for classic or wide brim hats in straw with thatching and brainding details in a varity of tones. Silk bows or raw fibre bows on piled high buns and ponytails are also on trend.

I cannot wait to see how fashionistas interpret Polo fashion and are looking forward to presenting WA’s fashion field to the rest of Australia.

Love, Bethy B