Meet our NSW TTC Ambassador – Trina Crawford

It is time to meet our new NSW Thoroughbred Club Ambassador – Trina Crawford – who has so much knowledge on “off the track” events.  Trina will take us behind the scenes of Horse disciplines where our mighty horoughbreds are exceeding.

Welcome Trina, we are absolutely delighted to have you on board.  What made you excited to become our NSW Thoroughbred Club Ambassador?

I am excited to be involved because of my passion for the Thoroughbred horse and to show people just how diverse they really are.

Let’s start with your involvement in horses.  Tell us about your love for horses and how it all began? 

My love for horses began with my twin sister, when we went from riding a rocking horse flat out as little kids to trying to ride our grandfathers unbroken two year old TB with a piece of twine. We were 4years old at the time.. out of control horse crazy kids. 

What continues to make you so passionate about the thoroughbred?

I continue to love these horses because they are so versatile and once they find there groove after racing they just strive to be champions. 

What are you looking forward to the most as being our NSW Thoroughbred Club Ambassador? 

I think bringing a knowledge to people about just how adaptable and trainable the TB horse is.. and the many disciplines they go into.

What is coming up in the off the track events that you would love to write about? 

There are a lot of events coming, up for our OTT TB’s with one show particularly “pacific Coast show horse Championships” in January where there will be a lot of OTT horses competing. 

What are you keen to bring to our audience? 

I am looking forward to showing our Audience just how these horses go on to love their new jobs and to meet the people that really enjoy the job of training these beautiful animals.  We will showcase the trainers’ skills as they take these amazing animals into there new ventures.

Thank you so much Trina.  We look forward to following your journey with much excitement.