Gresford Show – Plenty of Off the Track Horses Competing

Our NSW Thoroughbred Club Ambassador – Trina Crawford, attended the Gresford Show on 9 March which offered two full days of competitive events and exhibitions.

Of course our main interest were the Off The Track awards and Trina was right in the action to talk to a few of the competitors.

We would love to congratulate all owners who had an off the track thoroughbred and so kindly paraded them so much love. A huge congratulations must go to Jackie Hill who won the Led Off The Track Thoroughbred with her horse “Three hats”.

Jackie Hill and Three Hats

When it comes to awards, no-one is more proud than our very own Crawford twins. Congratulations girls with your horse “Gold Seventy Seven” who took out the Off the Track Thoroughbred Champion. We just love garlands!!!!

Gold Seventy Seven

Gold Seventy Seven with Trinette Crawford