Founder of TEA & TTC – Sharon Lenton

Thoroughbred Events Australia (TEA) was established in 2009 by Sharon Lenton who has been attending races all over Australia for over 30 years.

The need to showcase up and coming milliners in order to have a different affordable piece to attend the races each week, was the drive behind this business.  Our luncheons gave milliners a platform, a voice and a venue to show their exquisite millinery pieces prior to each carnival.

As a passionate racegoer from an early age, fashion and the thoroughbred has been Sharon’s main interests. This inspired Sharon to create a business to showcase this vibrant world. From the outset Sharon wanted to celebrate the outstanding achievements of women in the thoroughbred industries.  [Note:  Sharon was the 2nd woman ever in New South Wales (behind Shelley Hancock) to have held a syndicator’s licence.]

With so much knowledge about racing fashion, Sharon was regularly asked to judge fashions on the field.  This then grew to organising and hosting professionally run Fashions on the Field at many Clubs around Country NSW.  Sharon has been able to provide expert judges and sponsors to further promote the racing industry in a highly organised manner.  Each Club is analysed and a unique day is planned to ensure the Club feels confident they can leave their event with Thoroughbred Events Australia.  There have been many events (pre carnival day) to assist Club’s turn their day into a carnival.

In early 2016, Sharon’s next mission turned to the thoroughbreds who had no voice after they finished racing.  Her next mission was born – The Thoroughbred Club (TTC) where money raised at TEA events went to TTC to sponsor off the track events.

Sharon has been all over the countryside sponsoring, speaking, judging and presenting with the whole emphasis on thanking the most amazing people for their continual support and love of the thoroughbred.  TTC continues to promote and showcase just how versatile the thoroughbred bred is.  It is wonderful to see so many thoroughbreds go on to amazing careers in various disciplines.  It is because of these people in polo, showjumping, eventing, dressage, hacking (to name a few) that our horses are well-cared for and they should be applauded and acknowledged.

Without doubt one of Sharon’s proud moments was in 2018 when she was acknowledge in Parliament NSW for her contribution to the upper hunter community and her continual work of Off the Track thoroughbreds.

Sharon currently has 3 race horses and is always promoting ownership.  Her horses are guaranteed to have a forever home after their racing career is over.

With horse ownership as a must, Sharon continues to attract new people into the industry.  Knowledge on all the ins and outs is a vital.  TEA have recently launched articles to better understand what is involved.

TEA and TTC have now launched all over Australia with passionate Ambassadors in each State.

There is a lot to achieve and it would not be possible without the support of our various ambassadors who have so kindly donated their time, knowledge and passion.

There is so much more about to launch but one thing for sure – Sharon is a pioneer, a dreamer, a visionary, full of originality and without doubt – a doer.  She continues to strive to improve the racing industry perceptive to those outside the arena and for those inside, to make their experience more enjoyable.