Fashion Friday – Get Ready for Nowra Cup/Girls Day Out

As we get close to Shoalhaven City Turf Club’s Nowra Cup / Girls Day Out, we thought we would talk to our Fashion Judge Sally Martin.

Fashion Friday – Cristina Tridente, Designer

Happy Fashion Friday to all.

Last week our SA Ambassador Cathrin Marie Gill was lucky to attended a showcase of the couture label – couture + love + madness by Adelaide designer Cristina Tridente.

This week Cathrin has had the pleasure of chatting to Cristina to get some background on her beautiful range, her new store and her racing fashion.  Cathrin was lucky enough to see Cristina’s graduation show from TAFE in 2009 and shared the stage with her for Cathrin’s first fashions on the field experience in 2011 on Adelaide Cup Day.

Ladies we hope you have your autumn outfits ready for Adelaide Cup as prediction for Adelaide is perfect weather of 22 degrees (maybe some light rain).

So let’s get to meet this extraordinary designer.

Q. Could you please tell us about your own FOTF experience?

A. I first entered FOTF when I was still studying at TAFE SA back in 2009. It was a fun way to showcase my designs to a wider audience.

Q. Cristina we know your outfit are no stranger to FOTF locally and interstate – but can you tell us a little about some of those collaborations ?

A. I’ve known Melissa Barnes (MYER FOFT SA state finalist 2017 and Adorn Collection) for many years through the industry. It has been so lovely to have collaborated and worked with such a well known racing fashion enthusiast over the past few years. Through Melissa I was lucky enough to meet Rebecca Butcher and a few other clients (who are now great friends).

Q. What do you forecast for the season?

A. Living Coral (being the pantone colour for 2019) will play a major part in fashion all round for this year. Lilac is still a very strong colour and these two colours actually complement each other.

Q. What is your favourite look/piece?

A. I’m still very fond of leopard print, it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to die. It always makes a comeback and when worn correctly, can look very elegant.

Q. What drives you or inspires each range?

A. I get inspired by fabric. I won’t buy a piece of fabric unless I more or less know what I’m going to make out of it. Designers work in 2 different ways, they either design and then source fabric or they source fabric then design. I’m the latter.

Q. Who or where does your inspiration come from?

A. As previously mentioned, fabric plays a big part in my designs but I’m also inspired by things in our everyday world such as architecture and nature.

Some of Cristina’s career highlights include:

  • being in this month Vogue,
  • studying at Central Saint Martins in 2017 and
  • her brand new shop in Norwood South Australia

As Cristina now reaches 10 years in the industry, Cristina now ventures into bricks and mortar at 260 The Parade, Norwood, will also house Cristina’s new label, ‘Tridente’, which has a more architectural aesthetic.

Thank you so much Cristina for your time.  We are very much looking forward to seeing your amazing designers this season.

Words by Cathrin Marie Gill
Pictures from Cristina Tridente’s collaboration

Fashion Friday – Bows are the New Boaters

Millinery is a crucial element to ensure your outfit is FOTF fit. In 2018 boaters dominated FOTF compitions across Australia, however, 2019 is set to showcase ladylike elegance in the form of over sized bows. TEA Ambassador Bethany Brajkovich shares why she loves bows

“Firstly bows are so elegant and simple and compliment our outfit rather than the other way around. Now as a self confessed millinery addict this may sound shocking but it is a welcomed refinement to racewear which I for one am ready for. Secondly incorporating a bow means a new hairstyle! For years chignons have been the hair style of choice, however, the dramatic lengths of this stunning bow from Eve till Dawn means we can wear our hair in a playful ponytail and really show this stunning trend off’
Eve til Dawn

Words by Bethany Brajkovich

Owner, Best Dressed Accessories

Fashion Friday SA – Horsepower of a Different Type

We head to South Australia with our Ambassador Cathrin Marie Gill who attended the Superloop annual Advertiser Sunday Mail Foundation Ladies Day Luncheon.

Adelaide’s stylish ladies were all out to celebrate a different type of horse power in the form of V8 super cars for the Superloop series held at the stunning Adelaide Hilton.

A regular fashion on the field judge, Anna Vlach, spoke about the trends for the season including the must have colours. Our Cathrine said she is really excited about “valiant poppy”
and it sounds like a great name for a horse too!

Photo credit Savvy Tokyo

Fashion parade was showing beautiful fashion by Cristina Trident and Cathrin spied a dress that Adelaide racing fashion gal and milliner Melissa Barnes premiered at Derby day in Melbourne.

Photo credit Liz Sunshine

Watch out for our up and coming story with Cristina next week.

Cathrin is looking forward to sharing more stories from Adelaide who is currently caught up in Mad March with Adelaide Fringe, the highlights from the Adelaide Festival, Superloop V8s and of course – March 11 Adelaide Cup.

We look forward to seeing you all at the track as there is nothing like a day at the races.


Words by Cathrin Marie Gill

Fashion Friday – Autumn Racing Fashion Trend Alert

Autumn is fast approaching and FOTF ladies are busy planning their Autumn outfits. In Perth this means the iconic Karrakatta Plate Autumn FOTF competition at Ascot Racecourse on the 6th of April. Our West Australian Ambassador Bethany Brajkovich will be there to capture all the fashion and excitement of the day. Here are some tips for what is trending in FOTF this Autumn.

Silver is the new Rose Gold

As a self confessed clean metal girl Bethany is thrilled to see the return of silver to a fashion accessories. This Autumn you can quickly and easily incorporate silver through your accessories to get that on trend interpretation of current fashion trends which is crucial to puting together a winning outfit. Bethany says
“In previous years rose gold has dominated FOTF but it is firmly taking a back seat to silver and gold. The elegance of silver and gold make it so versatile to incorporate into our A/W FOTF outfits. Silver and Gold really pop against the darker and richer tones that we wear this time of year and accessories are so important in winning FOTF outfits.

Boots with skirts and dresses

At racecourses around Australia and New Zealand we are continually noting the incorpation of high end runway looks into racing fashion. Last year when Kerrie Carruci stepped out in the Milva Carruci custom design she put her best foot forward by adding these head turning red pointed boots from Tony Bianco which paired perfectly with this super cute red beret from ASOS. Bethany explains:

“Kerrie is always one to watch, as a fully qualified stylist we can all learn a thing or two from her. Always ahead of her time Kerrie has seamlessly blended on trend styling through the use of boots and beret with a stunning custom made Milva Carruci dress”.

Custom Designs

Thoroughbred Events Australia love to see women express their unique style through custom made outfits. Not only do these outfits make a great statement on the day but being a one off they create interest amongst the community and provide a great opportunity to make new friends by admiring and discussing the elements of their outfit. TEA Bethany Brajkovich has had some amazing outfits custom made in the past and says

‘I love getting a one off outfit made. I enjoy the creative process that allows me to include eclectic elements and merge them seamlessly into a complete look. Previously I’ve worked with both designers and dress makers and find it to be a exciting experience for both of us. One of my favourite memories is going to the track with other ladies who were all wearing custom made outfits from award winning Perth Designer Only One Ashley. We all felt so special and so unique, it was a wonderful experience from start to finish.’

“As the Perth based TEA Ambassador I’m am so excited to see what you will all be wearing this Autumn”
Words by Bethany Brajkovich
Owner, Best Dressed Accessories


Fashion Friday – Polo Season

Today’s Fashion Friday is with a focus on polo fashion.  We have just completed Polo in the City series which starting with Sydney and ended with Adelaide and …. wow!!!!  There is no better way to soak up the sun, watch the thrill of the game, enjoy admiring the magnificent horses, partake in exquisite food and beverages from one of the stylish marquees and … best of all … a great reason to get dressed up in a fun, flirty and fabulous outfit.

To quickly understand the game, there are 4 horses and players per side (with No 3 being the most skilled player).  It kicks off with the day’s “celebrity” throwing the ball in and then it is time to get to the ball and hit it to the end of the field to score a goal. Not only are the players playing this game, but it is fun watching the polo ponies chase the ball and get their rider in position.  These horses are highly trained and very skilled.  It is that simple.

(Of course there is lots more to it but that is enough for a beginner’s guide.


When it comes to fashion at the polo, it is more a relaxed, glamorous style.  Hats are a must to have “the look” and to ensure you don’t get burnt.  There is plenty to do on the day other than enjoying champagne and canapes.  Makes sure you take part in the stomping of the divots, enter the fun race, cheer your polo team to hopefully victory, meet polo players and their horses at the end of the game, walk around the grounds and check out all the exquisite marquees and of course “faces and style”.

For the girls, polo is eye candy.  The polo players look oh so hot in their white jodhpurs and long boots and the men in attendance put just as much effort into their appearance.







And for the men, well … the girls are showing their class but on the flirty side!!!!  Definitely lots of “Pretty Women” out there.

So for anyone who has not been to a polo game, it is a must on your calendar.  You will find lots of polo on. Go to and see when a game hits your State.

Note: there are various polo games – polo in the city, polo by the sea, polo in the vines.  I am sure you will find one near you.

Fashion Friday – Polo in the City – Perth

Polo in The City did not disappoint in Perth. All the stops were pulled out, beautiful marquees, stunning location, exceptional hospitality, amazing weather and of course one hell of an exciting game of Polo was played. In addition to all of this there were the pristine Perth women who held their own and brought there fashion A game.
Sporting combinations of crisp white, flamoyant prints, minimalist monochrome and every other combination under the sun the clothing choices were on point. But lets look a bit closer. Quite often accessories can be a fashionistas downfall. To often they are a afterthought or last minute buy which lets the whole outfit down, these ladies however show us how accessories can compliment and enhance your entire look.
Beth’s choice for the Best Dressed Lady on field was Letitia Simon.  Letitia teamed her gorgeous Seed jumpsuit with a Lack of Colour wide brim hat and a natural bamboo arc shaped bag which was kindly gifted to her by a good friend. Her look is classic elegance meets modern chic which is absolutely perfect for the Polo.
Beth’s choice for the Best Dressed Couple of field was Monica Erba and Partner.
Monica and her partner teamed black and neutral tones from head to toe and looked just as good from the back as the front.
Beth’s choice for Contemporary Lady of the day was Sindi Mastaglia.
Both bold and beautiful Sindi wore a gorgeous current season Sheike jumpsuit with a gorgeous tropical print and set it off with a muted gold YSL bag which complimented her aviators. Her simple white broad brim hat looked polo day perfect and the red block heels finished her look off perfectly.
The accessory trends were clear to see. Circular woven, rattan or wooden bags were everywhere! Those in the know teamed them to compliment other aspects of their outfit to ensure a cohesive look for the day.
Polo In the City you put on a great show!
Words by Beth Braj – our WA ambassador

Fashion Friday – The Perfect Polo Prep

It’s all go in Perth:

Perth Punter this weekend we have a lot to look forward to. Not only is it Polo in the City at Langley Park but its also the Magic Millions Kingston Town Classic at Ascot Racecourse. Here are a few tips we have put together to get you through this weekend and the festive season racing carnival.

Its all in the preparation!

The day before:

Getting your race day look right starts inside! If there is one thing that goes hand in hand with a fabulous day out with the fillies its champagne. Before a big day make a special effort to drink a lot of water the day before, between drinks on the day and especially after the big day to avoid a hangover.

Now your body is feeling refreshed get that summer fresh look by getting the quickest and safest tan around, spray tan!!! Personally Beth does not feel her look is at her best without a tan on. Everything looks better tanned.

The big day:

Woohoo its race day, the best day of the week, month, year! To start your day right you need to load your body up with lots of energy so eat a hearty and healthy breakfast. Think smashed avocado on wholegrain toast with a side of mushrooms and a delicious fresh coffee. Don’t forget some water too.

Check in with yourself. How are you feeling about the day? It’s normal to get some nerves before a big day particularly if you are entering Fashions on the Field. How you talk to yourself sets the tone for the day. Instead of doubting your outfit choice, who’s going to be there, etc, tell yourself ‘I look great’, ‘I’m going to have fun’, ‘I can only control me’, ‘I can’t wait to get there’. Then repeat!

(Quote by Brene Brown)

At the track live in the moment and have fun. Take it all in, there is always something fun happening at the track, the horses, the fashion, the food, the larrakins, the punters and so much more!!! You will walk away with more friends, fun memories and laughs.

The day after:

Take it easy and let your body recover. You more than likely have consumed your fair share of food and alcohol, danced in high heels and laughed so hard your belly aches. Enjoy a day to recover by drinking water, eating healthy and resting. While your resting laugh some more while flipping through your photos.

Lots of love 


Words by Bethy B (our TEA Tinkerhealth)

Photos by Sharon Lenton (TEA’s own supply)

Fashion Friday – Rachael Henson Millinery

A fabulous Milliner who showcased for the first time at our event was Rachael Henson Millinery.

Having recently won the latest Millinery Association of Australia’s Design Award 2018, we were elated to secure Rachael to showcase.  Her winning piece was a knock out, showing such style and grace. Rachael expresses her work as “a combination of feminine shapes, designed to be a blend of elegance with a dash of high spirits”. And that Rachael does. 

Rachael goes on to say “I love helping to create memories of those special moments in your life whether it is a wedding, a special occasion or if you are going to the races”. 

Rachael started making hats in 1998. She studied millinery in Canberra, and then Adelaide, Australia,  On returning to Canberra, she started her own millinery business and has been making hats for dignitaries, race goers, brides (and their mothers) ever since. Her hats have jetted off all over the world, including to royal weddings. Rachael also makes head wear for theatrical productions.

In 2015 Rachael was fortunate to work for Phillip Rhodes in Melbourne in his workroom for the spring carnival.  

Rachael says, “A great hat is like a new pair of shoes or a fabulously cut dress or pair of trousers, it will make you walk confidently with your head held . Why does this happen?  I suppose the reason will inevitably be different for everyone, but I suspect the right hat will tap into a part of the personality the wearer likes, and without words, shows this hidden or underused part to the world…. or maybe it just feels good. 

Someone wise and anonymous once said ‘Happiness is a New Hat’. While this could be a bit ambitious, the right hat will certainly make anyone feel special. I’ve seen it.”  

Good luck Rachael Henson into the talents of the millinery arena

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