In Sydney, we not only come with one speaker but sisters Hellene and Mary who know how to empower women. Let’s meet Hellene who will kick off our secret THOROUGHBRED GIRLS business in Sydney. Hellene’s qualifications are outstanding.

Hellene Flame is a Biomedical Scientist with postgraduate studies in Clinical Biochemistry  and Intellectual Property Law. She has extensive experience in  Medical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics and in Intellectual Property Rights.

Hellene has held positions at a senior executive level
for 20 years. She is now working as a Life Path & Relationship Management

Her 30-years work experience in high end Relationship
Management, ranges from developing, nurturing and maintaining professional
relationships with clients, staff and colleagues in corporate, government,
small business and local communities to facilitating Personalised Relationship
and Transformation Workshops.

Hellene has also completed other personal development and
training courses in the health industry by completing numerous courses
specialising in various holistic methods that range from Laser Acupuncture,
Rife frequency and Sound and Vibrational therapy.

She joined The 3 Flames after completing several of Zero Point Awareness’s personalised self-awareness leadership development programs and personal growth workshops.

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