Track Talk Tuesday – Portelli Racing’s Open Day

Open days at racing stables are a great way for owners or potential owners to see how their chosen stable operates. It is a great way to meet other owners, see your horse and discuss any queries you have personally with your trainer in a more relaxed setting.

Our Kiersten Duke went to Portelli Racing stables last Sunday to see first hand how this sleek operation works as well as enjoy the hospitality provided.

Kiersten, how was your open day at Portelli Racing?

“I was so impressed with the turn out and how hospitable Portelli Racing was. Gary has a great team and all were so friendly and approachable. Gary himself is extremely knowledgable with regards to buying young horses and this knowledge was shared to those present. It was nice chatting to owners and listening to their stories on how they got involved- it was easy to chat as we all had one thing in common, the love of horses.”

Gary provides a complete range of training services with state of the art facilities. He has an astute attention to detail.

A stable is only as good as your staff and Portelli Racing pride themselves on knowledge and dedication to ensure that their horses are given every opportunity to perform at their best.

With a philosophy “to ensure every individual horse gets the attention they deserve on and off the track” how can this stable not have the success they rightfully deserve.

Thank you for having Thoroughbred Events Australia at your successful open day. We would personally like to thank Gary Portelli, Loren Wadsworth together with Handlers: Nathan, Wayne, Karry & Foremen: Sharon & Cracker ☺

Portelli Racing is situated at 7 Manning St, Warwick Farm.

Portelli Racing