Fashion Friday – Cristina Tridente, Designer

Happy Fashion Friday to all.

Last week our SA Ambassador Cathrin Marie Gill was lucky to attended a showcase of the couture label – couture + love + madness by Adelaide designer Cristina Tridente.

This week Cathrin has had the pleasure of chatting to Cristina to get some background on her beautiful range, her new store and her racing fashion.  Cathrin was lucky enough to see Cristina’s graduation show from TAFE in 2009 and shared the stage with her for Cathrin’s first fashions on the field experience in 2011 on Adelaide Cup Day.

Ladies we hope you have your autumn outfits ready for Adelaide Cup as prediction for Adelaide is perfect weather of 22 degrees (maybe some light rain).

So let’s get to meet this extraordinary designer.

Q. Could you please tell us about your own FOTF experience?

A. I first entered FOTF when I was still studying at TAFE SA back in 2009. It was a fun way to showcase my designs to a wider audience.

Q. Cristina we know your outfit are no stranger to FOTF locally and interstate – but can you tell us a little about some of those collaborations ?

A. I’ve known Melissa Barnes (MYER FOFT SA state finalist 2017 and Adorn Collection) for many years through the industry. It has been so lovely to have collaborated and worked with such a well known racing fashion enthusiast over the past few years. Through Melissa I was lucky enough to meet Rebecca Butcher and a few other clients (who are now great friends).

Q. What do you forecast for the season?

A. Living Coral (being the pantone colour for 2019) will play a major part in fashion all round for this year. Lilac is still a very strong colour and these two colours actually complement each other.

Q. What is your favourite look/piece?

A. I’m still very fond of leopard print, it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to die. It always makes a comeback and when worn correctly, can look very elegant.

Q. What drives you or inspires each range?

A. I get inspired by fabric. I won’t buy a piece of fabric unless I more or less know what I’m going to make out of it. Designers work in 2 different ways, they either design and then source fabric or they source fabric then design. I’m the latter.

Q. Who or where does your inspiration come from?

A. As previously mentioned, fabric plays a big part in my designs but I’m also inspired by things in our everyday world such as architecture and nature.

Some of Cristina’s career highlights include:

  • being in this month Vogue,
  • studying at Central Saint Martins in 2017 and
  • her brand new shop in Norwood South Australia

As Cristina now reaches 10 years in the industry, Cristina now ventures into bricks and mortar at 260 The Parade, Norwood, will also house Cristina’s new label, ‘Tridente’, which has a more architectural aesthetic.

Thank you so much Cristina for your time.  We are very much looking forward to seeing your amazing designers this season.

Words by Cathrin Marie Gill
Pictures from Cristina Tridente’s collaboration