Fashion Friday – Bows are the New Boaters

Millinery is a crucial element to ensure your outfit is FOTF fit. In 2018 boaters dominated FOTF compitions across Australia, however, 2019 is set to showcase ladylike elegance in the form of over sized bows. TEA Ambassador Bethany Brajkovich shares why she loves bows

“Firstly bows are so elegant and simple and compliment our outfit rather than the other way around. Now as a self confessed millinery addict this may sound shocking but it is a welcomed refinement to racewear which I for one am ready for. Secondly incorporating a bow means a new hairstyle! For years chignons have been the hair style of choice, however, the dramatic lengths of this stunning bow from Eve till Dawn means we can wear our hair in a playful ponytail and really show this stunning trend off’
Eve til Dawn

Words by Bethany Brajkovich

Owner, Best Dressed Accessories