Fashion Friday – Polo Season

Today’s Fashion Friday is with a focus on polo fashion.  We have just completed Polo in the City series which starting with Sydney and ended with Adelaide and …. wow!!!!  There is no better way to soak up the sun, watch the thrill of the game, enjoy admiring the magnificent horses, partake in exquisite food and beverages from one of the stylish marquees and … best of all … a great reason to get dressed up in a fun, flirty and fabulous outfit.

To quickly understand the game, there are 4 horses and players per side (with No 3 being the most skilled player).  It kicks off with the day’s “celebrity” throwing the ball in and then it is time to get to the ball and hit it to the end of the field to score a goal. Not only are the players playing this game, but it is fun watching the polo ponies chase the ball and get their rider in position.  These horses are highly trained and very skilled.  It is that simple.

(Of course there is lots more to it but that is enough for a beginner’s guide.


When it comes to fashion at the polo, it is more a relaxed, glamorous style.  Hats are a must to have “the look” and to ensure you don’t get burnt.  There is plenty to do on the day other than enjoying champagne and canapes.  Makes sure you take part in the stomping of the divots, enter the fun race, cheer your polo team to hopefully victory, meet polo players and their horses at the end of the game, walk around the grounds and check out all the exquisite marquees and of course “faces and style”.

For the girls, polo is eye candy.  The polo players look oh so hot in their white jodhpurs and long boots and the men in attendance put just as much effort into their appearance.







And for the men, well … the girls are showing their class but on the flirty side!!!!  Definitely lots of “Pretty Women” out there.

So for anyone who has not been to a polo game, it is a must on your calendar.  You will find lots of polo on. Go to and see when a game hits your State.

Note: there are various polo games – polo in the city, polo by the sea, polo in the vines.  I am sure you will find one near you.