Fashion Friday – Polo in the City – Perth

Polo in The City did not disappoint in Perth. All the stops were pulled out, beautiful marquees, stunning location, exceptional hospitality, amazing weather and of course one hell of an exciting game of Polo was played. In addition to all of this there were the pristine Perth women who held their own and brought there fashion A game.
Sporting combinations of crisp white, flamoyant prints, minimalist monochrome and every other combination under the sun the clothing choices were on point. But lets look a bit closer. Quite often accessories can be a fashionistas downfall. To often they are a afterthought or last minute buy which lets the whole outfit down, these ladies however show us how accessories can compliment and enhance your entire look.
Beth’s choice for the Best Dressed Lady on field was Letitia Simon.  Letitia teamed her gorgeous Seed jumpsuit with a Lack of Colour wide brim hat and a natural bamboo arc shaped bag which was kindly gifted to her by a good friend. Her look is classic elegance meets modern chic which is absolutely perfect for the Polo.
Beth’s choice for the Best Dressed Couple of field was Monica Erba and Partner.
Monica and her partner teamed black and neutral tones from head to toe and looked just as good from the back as the front.
Beth’s choice for Contemporary Lady of the day was Sindi Mastaglia.
Both bold and beautiful Sindi wore a gorgeous current season Sheike jumpsuit with a gorgeous tropical print and set it off with a muted gold YSL bag which complimented her aviators. Her simple white broad brim hat looked polo day perfect and the red block heels finished her look off perfectly.
The accessory trends were clear to see. Circular woven, rattan or wooden bags were everywhere! Those in the know teamed them to compliment other aspects of their outfit to ensure a cohesive look for the day.
Polo In the City you put on a great show!
Words by Beth Braj – our WA ambassador