Winning Wednesday – A Star On The Rise

Second year apprentice Jean Van Overmeire swooped home on $5.50 chance, Ricci Royal, trained by Cameron Crockett at Bathurst in the second from last heat in the Rising Star Series on Sunday.  The pair narrowly beat Salesman ($5), ridden by Qin Yong and Oskastar ($3.80), ridden by Alena Skirrett.

The in form apprentice propelled himself into a 7 point lead from the victory, putting himself at the top of the leader board with a whopping 40 points!

JVO now only has to secure a ride (worth 1 point) in the final heat of the series on the 21st June at Hawkesbury to win the overall Rising Star title.

The leader board currently sits as followed…

1st Jean Van Overmeire: 40 Points

2nd Mikayla Weir: 33 Points

3rd Patrick Scorse: 30 Points

4th Olivia Pickering & Rachel King: 29 Points each

5th Blaike McDougall: 25 Points

6th Lee Magorrian: 19 Points

7th Alena Skirrett: 17 Points

8th James Innes Jnr & Robbie Dolan: 16 Points each

9th Courtney Van Der Werf & Rachel Hunt: 15 Points each

10th Cejay Graham & Louise Day: 14 Points each


Written & edited by Kiersten Duke

Photo credit: Bradley Photos

Words by Kiersten Duke
Photos by Bradley Photos