Track Talk Tuesday – Dead Heat

On Sunday 22nd April a dead heat occurred in race 6 at Goulburn Racing Club between Subban, trained by Bryce Heys (Warwick Farm) and Cape Wickham, trained by David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm).

Cape Wickham, ridden by apprentice jockey Jean Van Overmeire, was the favourite, paying just $3.  While Subban, piloted by Japanese jockey Yusuke Ichikawa, paid $8 and carried 61kg’s- just 1kg more than the favourite.

Running at the rear of the field under Bryce Heys’ instructions to be ridden quietly, Subban swooped down the Goulburn straight to meet Cape Wickham at the finishing post.

The result left both strappers behind the scenes and spectators with plenty of questions regarding prize money, ratings and how it would affect the punter. So we pestered a few trainers, jockeys and hit Google search to provide you with all the answers!

For the punter: A dead heat is calculated by dividing the stake between the two winners.  So your return would be half of what it could have been.  This can be referred to as half-face value of the bet or a bet for half the original stake.

As for the prize money, each horse in the dead heat is rewarded an equal share of the total prize money that would have been rewarded in respect of the horses had they finished in successive places and not dead-heated.

If a dead heat occurs in a cup race, or a race where a prize is rewarded that cannot be divided and the nominators of the horse cannot agree on who is to have the cup/prize then the stewards make the final decision and decide what sum of money (if any) is to be paid by the nominator taking the cup/prize to the other nominator.

Both horses in the dead heat are rewarded the same status as if they had won the race, so it effects their ratings in the same way. The same theory applies when an apprentice jockey that has a claim is in a dead heat; it goes against their weight claim as a win.

Words by Kiersten Duke
Photo credit to Bradley Photographers

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