Country Racing Exclusive – Advice for a Winning Style, Andrea Baker

Just around the corner is the start of the Biggest NSW Country Two Day Racing Carnival.  This carnival has it all from cocktail parties – to a Calcutta – to great country racing and hospitality.  But this story is to focus on the glamour that descends on Scone – the style and grace of Fashions on the Field.

This year we are so privileged to have Andrea Baker as Scone Cup Carnival’s Ambassador.  Andrea has a style of her own, she drips in glamour, has a poise that is demure yet gracious and … knows horses.

Married to one of Sydney’s leading horse trainer Bjorn Baker, Andrea certainly adds to the success of this outstanding racing stable.  Clients are so important and Andrea knows how to make her clients feel important and involved.

But this carnival Andrea takes on a new role – one that she is excited to own.  We let you in on a little inside of trading (wink wink) so you have the opportunity to know Andrea’s thoughts with regards to the fashion stakes.

When asked, what are you looking for in a winning outfit? Andrea replies:
“Overall I’m looking for stylish and effortless beauty in a racewear outfit. I try to follow the iconic and impeccably stylish Coco Chanel’s advice to look in the mirror and take one thing off before you leave the house.  Sometimes you can do a great disservice to what would be a great outfit by overcooking it.  Overly matchy matchy is only very pleasing to the eye for a few people, and it’s important that there is a certain fluidity to the look.  It’s the unexpected combinations that excite me.  Some of the best looks I’ve seen are with combinations I wouldn’t have chosen myself, but totally work.  For example, the softness, flow and femininity of a silk frock juxtaposed by a structured, striking headpiece.  I love quality millinery – sometimes less is more with regards to embellishments.
I really would like to place an emphasis on weather and season appropriate racewear (no goosebumps or purple toes).  I’d like to see an element of current fashion, whether colour or style or silhouette.  Having said that, I still want to be able to see you’ve dressed for raceday.  A more lady-like look is required for Best Dressed Woman, a more daring look for Contemporary. At the end of the day it boils down to whether an outfit excites me and makes me say “yes” or drops my jaw.”

Wow, I could not have said that better myself.  Andrea will be an excellent Ambassador and fashion judge.

Head to Scone this weekend commencing Thursday night for an up close and personal appearance with Andrea (and her handsome husband, Bjorn) at our cocktail party.  This party kicks off at 5pm at the Belmore Hotel. On Friday and Saturday,  Andrea will not only be entertaining her clients but will be in the fashion area to judge and sash the fashion winners.

We thank Andrea for her time and good advice for what will surely be a difficult fashions on the field to judge.[vc_row][vc_column][vc_gallery interval=”3″ images=”5236,5237,5238,5239,5240,5241″ css_animation=”zoomIn”][/vc_column]

Words by Sharon Lenton, Photos from Andrea Baker 

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