Winning Wednesday – Day 1 Autumn Carnival

The sun was shining on the 17th March 2018 as crowds flooded into Rosehill Racecourse for the start of the Autumn carnival. Within just a few furlongs of the entrance we were greeted with the Golden Slipper trophy itself and were asked if we would like a photo with it- of course the answer was YES!!

Directly opposite from the glistening Golden Slipper trophy stood the Harrods Fashion Chute, where anyone and everyone could become a model! The wonderful staff directed and encouraged you to strut your stuff and release your inner Jennifer Hawkins as the pro photographer snapped and clicked away, capturing the ultimate shot. You were then invited over to a laptop where you chose your favourite image and were able to send it to yourself- for free might I add! You may think that was the best part, but the first thirty ladies or gents that had their photo taken that day received a stunning hand drawn image by the extremely talented Steph Baynie. Her drawings oozed elegance and style, although you don’t need us to tell you this, the proof is in the pudding![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_masonry_media_grid style=”lazy” items_per_page=”3″ grid_id=”vc_gid:1522131993098-cdba5b6cd94e9d4145f9c4bbc9ec5c10-2″ include=”5024,5030,5028″][vc_column_text]Just next door to the Harrods Fashion Chute were stylists from TONI&GUY and ghd hard at work making their clients hair so beautiful that even Rapunzel would of been jealous. With tables decorated with flowers, magazines and nibbles, this really was a little luxurious corner for all those to enjoy.

In between testing out the coffee that the members cafe had to offer (10/10 from us) and nibbling on street food until our bellies nearly burst, we managed to bump into some wonderful people showcasing some unique and beautiful outfits.

For us, one of the most pleasurable things about going racing is experiencing others expressing themselves through their choice of outfit and witnessing so many different styles. Two individuals that caught our eye were Andrew Wilkinson and Meri Dimovski. Both different individuals with polar opposite styles that we LOVED.

Andrew wore a light blue handmade suit covered in a racehorse print that was completed with a golden Melbourne cup pin badge. He had his suit custom made especially for the Melbourne cup and insisted it had a few more outings left in it- which of course, we agreed with!

The extremely beautiful Meri opted for millinery designed by herself (I know, not only is she beautiful but she’s talented too!), teamed with a pretty pleated number from Country Road, some pillar box red heels by Tony Bienco and a matching red Alga Berg clutch bag.


As the day drew to a close, bottles of champagne were finished and ladies removed high heels from their throbbing feet while linking their lovers arms, we reflected on what a wonderful day it had been and how it had truly set the standard and feel for the rest of the Autumn carnival.   Let us not forget the incredible horse flesh.  So many great races and there is plenty more Group 1s to come over the coming weeks.

If you enjoyed reading this piece please do check out our short vlog of our day at Rosehill and be sure to watch until the end for the bloopers!


Words by Kiersten Duke
Photos by Nancy Ashcroft

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