Fashion Friday – Get Set for Autumn with our Milliners for 2018

To make it a bit easier for you, we have 10 amazing milliners that will be showcasing at our next event.  Each of these milliners has an unique style and it will be great for you to:

  • meet all the various milliners
  • see their various styles
  • discuss your up and coming needs
  • try on many different styles and see what suits you and
  • BUY.

The talent will be overflowing from the following milliners:

  • Neil Grigg                    
  • Margaret Joy Keeble
  • Narelle Fowler
  • Kerry Mcglone
  • Kathleen Brenda Watson
  • Sandy Aslett                
  • Jane Stoddart
  • Lisa Bell
  • Jean Marie Visser

Here are some examples:

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