Fashion Friday – Exclusive to TEA a New Label – JAKK

Today we would like to introduce you to our first exclusive label – JAKK.  Sharon was asked to come and see this label and upon viewing the pieces, fell in love with it immediately.  So we asked – Why?

Sharon’s reply was:  “This label is 100% silk, so luxurious to feel and wear, possesses simple lines, without doubt it is elegance to a tee and it mixes and matches.”

These days most of us head from day through to night events and this label takes you through.  The minute Sharon saw this label she immediately thought “Chanel” and all her amazing quotes.  There was no second thoughts – TEA just had to have this label.

“If you are anything like me”, Sharon Says, “I have a wardrobe full of pieces.  I mix and match so often but I literally could throw out all my wardrobe and replace it with this whole label.”

The best thing is that once this range sells, Sharon and Jilly will be working together to bring you continual pieces to add to your collection.  The range is timeless and all class.

A little snippet of behind the scenes to bring you up to date on JAKK created by Jilly Brain.

JAKK was created in Sydney in 1984 by Jilly Brain and was named after her late father (though spelt Jack). JAKK originally was Australia’s first fashion jewllery design company targeted at the travel retail channel. For over two decades JAKK has delivered innovative products and packaging for consumers in over 20 markets worldwide.  JAKK was Australia’s largest fashion jewellery company in the travel retail channel and a recognized leader in global beauty.  JAKK has developed an unrivalled reputation for excellence and affordability in sterling silver, rhodium and gold plating set with beautiful genuine Australian opals, cubic zirconium and Austrian Swarovski crystals.  In early days, JAKK won the Qantas contract and fulfilled this contract for over 15 years. And now a fashion label has been launched in the most luxurious silk fabric to compliment her classic jewellery pieces.

So without further delay, we show you the collection to be shown at our event on Sunday, 11 March.  For those present, there will be a very affordable price.  Another reason why you should be at our Autumn Racing Fashion Luncheon.

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