It is with pride we showcase an article from today’s Winning Post paper.

Just when you think “what do you have to do to get acknowledgement” – then along comes the Winning Post, a prominent racing paper who grabbed Sharon’s story.

It is not just for recognition for Sharon’s outstanding work for country racing but for country racing itself and the contribution the community all put in to make their special race day a success.  This passion should not be stopped.

Sharon has been linked to many race clubs and each one she feel extremely grateful and honoured to assist anyway she can.

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The love for racing does not stop with fashions but for the Thoroughbred too.  Thoroughbred Events Australia continue to sponsor and support off the track events and is now incredibly excited to branch out to Standardbreds too.  After the success at Quirindi Show Society, Sharon was super keen to spread to more standardbred events and is delighted to be attending New South Wales State Championships 2018 hosted by The Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of New South Wales and Harness Racing New South Wales.

This is the first State Championships in New South Wales for Standardbreds and we will be there.

If you are able to attend Tamworth on Sunday 18 March Sharon will be hosting a VIP lunch as well as judge fashions on the field – horse in hand. Details will be released soon.

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TEA would like to thank Tim Egan from the Winning Post for his passion and dedication to country racing.  It is all hands on deck to continue to grow our much loved industry by the people who really care and it is not just a job!!!