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Ritchie’s Reigning Daisy

For those of us that decide to part way with our money and invest into the unknown possibility of a Thoroughbred yearling, we voluntarily immense ourselves into a world of doubt for at least 12 months, before long the questions of will the horse be any good?, will it even make it to the track? Have I done the right thing? all come to mind. For some of us our patience definitely can be tested while others are fortunate enough to make the right decision and are rewarded very early in the journey.

We all see the Rags to Riches stories and Racing is a sport that is one that tends to find such stories, we all dream about owning, training or riding that one special horse that everyone talks about.

In our special edition of our Winning articles and continuing to focus on The Everest, I was fortunate enough to get to sit down with one owner who is definitely living the dream that we all want at some point in life. This is a story that just had to be told, a first time race horse owner who had a gut feeling that a Manhattan Rain filly was going to be something special and she sure has.

We get to know Ritchie Barrett a bit more, one of the very lucky enough of The Everest Favourite, 2017 Golden Slipper Winner, 2017 Moir Stakes Winner, 2016/2017 2 year old of the Year- SHE WILL REIGN!

Richie thank you so much for your time and what a journey you are having!

Let’s start with who is Richie Barrett?

I am a Carer for my Elderly Mum and My Aunty who has Down syndrome. I originally came to care for my Dad who was terminally ill with Brain Cancer.

I love my sport, love to travel, photography, Ex RAAF Cook, Bank Teller and Public Servant before heading to Queensland in 2008.

How long have you been involved in Horse Ownership?

I bought my share on the 16th Feb 2016, for $2500.

WOW a first time owner! What made you want to get involved in owning a Race Horse?

I had been to the Melbourne Cup in 2015 as it was on my Birthday, it was a great day, and I had sold my Jet Ski for $2500 which I had only used twice in the 2 years I had it, saw and ad on Facebook for a Manhattan Rain x Courgette filly with Darby Racing and so I bought in.

Take us back to that moment when you had made the decision to invest in a race horse, how did you come to choose Darby Racing and importantly the yearling filly who would eventually become She Will Reign?

I didn’t know how ownership worked and saw Darby Racing’s ad for this Manhattan Rain Filly. I had heard of Manhattan Rain and knew it had won a Group 1 race. So I looked at the breeding line to see the history of both and saw that Courgette had won some races and was very speedy but had been retired early.

There was just something about the way she looked that made me think she could be something special and I didn’t have to think twice for once in my life about investing in her.

How spot on were you?

Yeah I know right!!! Who could ever imagine.

Do you know the reasoning/meaning behind why she was named “She Will Reign”? Talk us through the naming process

When we filled out our paperwork we we’re asked to put down a name that we wanted to give her. So I thought about it trying to come up with something out of Manhattan Rain and Courgette that would hopefully mean power and strength, but one of the other owner’s wives came up with She Will Reign, as soon as I saw that name, it was a big Yes.
Some have said optimistically named, but she has given her name something for everyone to talk about.

Your first 12 months in owning a horse and you have won a Golden Slipper, added the G1 Moir Stakes and will be taking your place in the inaugural running of the $10 million Everest- tell us how has that ride been for you?

It has been unbelievable, an absolute dream come true to be this successful, especially when you see people who have been in the Industry all their lives and are still waiting on a G1 Win. To think in the early days we thought that She Will Reign might be running on country tracks as she may not be that flash as she only cost $20K, but she has shown everyone that you don’t have to be the most expensive buy to be successful.

After winning The Slipper back in March we got an offer for The Everest almost immediately after the race and not long after it had been announced, and feel very lucky that Yulong Investments wanted She Will Reign for their slot.

I feel like been living in a dream since she won the slipper knowing that she could be even better as she gets older.

How do you think the nerves will compare Saturday to the day she lined up in the Golden Slipper?

Slipper Day was very nerve wracking with all the rain during the week, plus not getting the best barrier draw had me thinking this will be tough for her in such heavy conditions, but She Will Reign prevailed to pull off an incredible win against a class field.

The Everest is a little different being the first time run, so being – possibly – the first winner would be an incredible highlight so early in her career, she has a great barrier and should be right up there at the finish.

What will it mean to you if she wins on Saturday?

Wow! it would be incredible if she can win, it means financial freedom for my family as I intend to pay off the mortgage on my parent’s house and also pay out the remainder of my debts which has been my intended goal all year, but most of all and more meaningful it would be another feather in She Will Reign’s cap.

How did you celebrate her Golden Slipper Win and how will you celebrate if she wins the Everest?

With a lot of drinks and many hugs after as Golden Slippers are hard to win, and The Everest well we will have to wait until Saturday for that one.

What would be your advice to anyone considering buying into a race horse?

As I had absolutely no experience when I purchased this Filly, I would recommend to check the history and breeding of the Sire & Dam, look at who will train them, everything in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) syndicators will give you, how much the share costs, and ongoing fees, making sure you don’t get in over your head. It has been amazing for me and would recommend it to anyone.

Anything else to add?

Sold my jet ski- bought the horse- Won big races and bought my dream car.. Sometimes I wonder if I am dreaming, but absolutely loving the ride!

Thoroughbred Events Australia wishes Richie and his fellow owners –  along with Trainer Gary Portelli – in The Everest on Saturday. Hoping to see “She Will Reign” etch her name further into the history books.


Article by Kylie Johnson

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