2017 Winning Wednesday – The Everest

Breaking down The Everest-
What you need to know if not in the know!

Thoroughbred Racing in Australia dates back to the 18th century and as the interest in this sport evolved, some big milestones have been added along the way that has shaped the racing we all know and love today. These milestones vary from the establishment of racing clubs around the country and even important dates such as 7th February 2011, which is when the Sydney Turf Club and the Australian Jockey Club merged and became The Australian Turf Club (ATC). Perhaps one of the biggest milestones in our history is the first Tuesday in November 1861- the inaugural running of the Melbourne Cup (won by Archer).

Over time more milestones were added to the Australian Thoroughbred Racing timeline, this included the running of some of very iconic races in the world, including the riches race in the world for 2 yr olds- The Golden Slipper. Australian Racing has a large number of races that are recognised both nationally and internationally that each year attract a number of international raiders that come to our shores in the hopes of taking our trophies back home. With a history enriched with so many milestones, one could not be blamed for thinking how will the racing industry continue to evolve in Australia.

On February 1st 2017, the racing community Australia wide and even worldwide was sent in to a spin- the ATC had just announced a new initiative that would not only put Australia on the map but would put Sydney and our own racing headquarters Royal Randwick there as well. This date will go down in history as the day that THE EVEREST was announced.

However, more importantly the date that will be etched into our history books will be Saturday 14th October 2017, as this will be the inaugural running of the richest race run over 1200m  not in the country but GLOBALLY.

We have the race that stops the nation run on the first Tuesday in November, we will now forever also look forward to the Second Saturday in October for the annual running of the Everest in which 12 horses will compete for a prize pool of $10 million dollars. Australian Racing will never be the same!

If for some reason you have been living under an extremely large rock for the 8 months or have not been reading the news or listening to those of your friends involved in the racing industry, we have decided to give you a break down as to what all the hype is about.


  • The concept was adopted from the Pegasus World Cup run in America
  • 12 horses to run in the race over 1200m (in racing terms 6 furlongs, for those not in the know with the jargon 200m equals a furlong)
  • These 12 positions are referred to as “Slots” (no we don’t mean poker machines at your local RSL). Buyers for the slots can be both domestic and international and had to submit an expression of interest.
  • Each slot costs $600,000 per year for the next 3 years
  • If the application for a slot is approved, the slot holder is approved they then have the option of trading their position or partner with owners of a chosen horse to enter it into the final field.
  • The race is run under Weight for Age conditions- this means that the horses are weighted accordingly to their age and gender.


This is now the richest race on Turf not only in Australia but the world, meaning that it far surpasses the prize money for the Melbourne Cup.

How do the two races compare?

Melbourne Cup The Everest
Total Prize Money $6,200,000 Total Prize Money $10,000,000
1st $3,600,000 1st $5,800,000
2nd $900,000 2nd $2,400,000
3rd $450,000 3rd $800,000
4th $250,000 4th $400,000
5th $175,000 5th $250,000
6th $125,000 6th $175,000
7th $125,000 7th $175,000
8th $125,000 8th $175,000
9th $125,000 9th $175,000
10th $125,000 10th $175,000
11th to 24th $0 11th $175,000
12th $175,000


Like any major race that you have likely watched on TV or been present at the track, you potentially have also seen the impressive trophies/cups/plates that Jockey’s/Trainers and Owners hold up and kiss (much like Roger Federer winning the Australian Open).

Well, The Everest Trophy is just as impressive as others that are handed out in the Racing Calendar across Australia. With an attractive prize pool you kind of need a trophy that is just as prestigious as the race and that matches the winnings to go with it- the trophy for The Everest is attractive enough to say the least.

Designer: Cerrone Jewellers

The Finer Details

  • Hours taken: 920 ( to hand place all the jewels)
  • Contains 7,777 individual Black Diamonds, 230 White Cut Diamonds and 2 Rubies
  • Weighs 14 kilos
  • Total Value: $320,000
  • Two smaller versions will also be presented to the winning Jockey and Trainer both worth $47,000

Photo credit to Monica De Vries


A field like no other, there has never been a race anywhere in Australia that has a field like this! We have 12 of the fastest horses in the nation that will compete for the biggest prize on turf on Sydney’s most iconic racing stage.

There is not only a lot of excitement around the trophy and the concept but for months as the slot holders begun to announce their chosen steed to represent them, we have seen the field shape up to be nothing short of spectacular.

So with being just days away from the biggest moment in Australian sporting history (much bigger than Richmond winning the AFL Grand Final or Billy Slater announcing he is playing on), you really need to know who you will be cheering for come Saturday.

Photo Credit to Punters.com.au



Photo Credit to Punters.com


If you are an ATC Member be sure to check your emails for our regular communication from the ATC regarding Members Reserve Dress Regulations.

If you are General Admission and have not yet heard the update, the colour theme for Saturday is “White with a splash of Light/Sky Blue”.  So enjoy putting together your spring racing outfit and remember to get a photo in Vogue’s Fashion Shoot- you just never know you could win some amazing prizes on offer.


If you are fortunate enough to still be standing at the end of the day, after the last race in the Theatre of the Horse- race goers will be treated to a very special one off 60 minute concert from non-other than international global superstar- Jason Derulo (now that is something definitely worth sticking around for- we sure will be).

Overall, regardless if you have a punt on The Everest or not, one thing is for sure is that race goers will be treated to a day of fantastic racing, spring fashion and being part of Australian Racing History.

Article by Kylie Johnson

So where will you be this Saturday?

Thoroughbred Events Australia wishes all connections the best with their runners- we will be cheering trackside.



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