2017 Winning Wednesday – Rebecca Jamison-Jones

Too Phar Hooked by Rebecca Jamison-Jones

In the 1930’s Phar Lap was the nations hero for many reasons, for some they were fortunate enough to see Big Red or Bobby in the flesh, while for those too young we read about the big red horse and his triumphs- the closest we will ever get to him is the exhibit in the Melbourne Museum- one thing I share in common with this owner is that it is our favourite exhibit.

Each year, newspapers in both Melbourne and Sydney run a competition to win a share in a race horse- a dream for many people! Each year the number of entries for these competitions rise and for our Winning Wednesday owner, she was fortunate enough to win the competition- this is where the racing experience truly began for Rebecca Jamison-Jones.

We got to learn more about Rebecca and her story in relation to racehorse ownership and what a story it is, one that truly touched my heart!

How did you get your interest in racing?

My introduction to racing was at a young age. I remember being 6 years old and watching the Melbourne Cup – I was hooked. From then I have not missed watching one single cup, even being overseas on three occasions during this time. My grandparents used to take me to visit Phar Lap all the time at the museum, something which I still do to this day.

Now you have an interesting story on how you got into horse ownership, please share it with us.

I have always wanted a share of my own in a racehorse, but financially it never seemed viable. To buy in was such a great cost. Last November Hearts Racing had a competition to win a 5{fddcb93768ef9c7fdbaa8f7e3070a154b0816ccbd68b1bd9684c02e142c32ffe} share in “Jack” to be trained by Matt Cumani.

I had never heard of Hearts Racing at the time. Hearts Racing was right up my ally. They offer subscriptions to horses at a fraction of the cost of normal share prices. You get to experience racing without the large expenditure. I entered the competition – and WON!!!

Tell us more about the experience with Cumani Racing.

I was fortunate that Jack was so close to where I lived and I got to visit him and watch him do his track work and learn to become a racehorse. I fell in love. Every single person that I met at Cumani Racing Australia was lovely, extremely welcoming and treated me like I belonged. I had arrived. Rebecca, the racehorse owner! Jack had his first trial on the 13th June 2017 and did quite well, however he had an unrelated accident later that day and had to be euthanized. I am still so sad about the loss of this sweet boy.

You didn’t stop at just one horse did you? Care to tell us about your next horse

Although Jack is no longer with us, it is best to mention him as he was the start of what is now becoming an obsession. After I won the share in Jack, I found another horse with Hearts Racing that I liked, Brookwater (Hinchinbrook x Cathie’s Lane). I purchased a subscription for a measly $190 and was super happy with my choice. Unfortunately he had a tendon injury so it was decided to sell him at the Inglis March mixed sale.

And there is yet another story here with this horse, tell us more

I was not done with this horse. I took the day off work, dragged my mother along to the sale and went to see Brook in the flesh.

The groom from Sun Stud asked me if I would like to see him out of his stall, but I did not want to waste her time and I explained to her I was not buying, only observing. She laughed, said ‘you know you want me to’ and got him out of the box for me anyway – I was in love again. It is people and experiences like this that I treasure and will continue to talk about forever.

Jackie Beriman purchased him. I approached her and said if she was selling any shares I wanted in. I now have a 5{fddcb93768ef9c7fdbaa8f7e3070a154b0816ccbd68b1bd9684c02e142c32ffe} share. Jackie has been amazing. Not only does she put the horse first, but she is so warm and welcoming. Brookwater has had two starts with Jackie, without placing, but I couldn’t care less about the result. He is honestly the happiest horse on earth. I have been to both starts and it has been amazing. I have had experiences I have never had before thanks to Jackie primarily, but also the staff at the race meetings when I have no idea what I am doing just take me under their wing and make sure that I am looked after.

When deciding to buy a share in your horses, how did you decide on which horse to invest in?

Brook will not race forever, but I am hooked. My next horse will be chosen purely by heart not necessarily talent, but I don’t care. I want to tell people stories until their eyes glaze over about how much fun my trip to the races was and how quirky my horse is.

What has been your biggest achievement/most memorable moment as an Owner (regardless if you have won or not)? Why do you consider this as your most memorable moment?

Sitting at Racing.com Park with Jackie Beriman waiting for Brookwater to come out to the mounting yard for his first start with her and my first start as an owner. Surreal sitting with a Trainer/Jockey as they are preparing for a race on your horse. No better feeling!

Where do you go on big race days – the track or watch on TV?

Usually we watch the big races as a family on the TV, but we have planned bigger race day outings this year for various reasons, for example seeing Winx on Cox Plate day.

Do you have an all-time favourite horse? If so who is it and why?

Phar Lap was always a favourite of mine. In 2010 I was fortunate enough to attend my first ever Melbourne Cup. The weather was horrendous, but the day was perfect. It was the 150th year. It also was a year that I admired quite a few horses in the field.

Americain was certainly a horse that I had been keenly following along with Myluckyday (pictured with me) and Zipping. I now make semi regular visits to both Lucky and Zip at Living Legends and I cannot comprehend that I do not need carrots to make Zipping come to the fence for cuddles and he has a race named after him. This in my mind makes him a truly special horse.

Red Cadeaux was a very special horse that I think was a worldwide favourite and should never be left out of any best racehorse list. An amazing beautiful horse he was.

There are many debates about which is better, what is your opinion: Winx or Black Caviar- Why?

Comparing Apples and Oranges, but probably Winx only because she is the more sound horse of the two making her the more superior horse in my eyes.

Share a little bit about yourself- who you are, what you do for work and outside of work/racing etc. Just a little bio.

I am a bookkeeper from Ballarat, Victoria. I have grown up around horses and been involved in many equestrian disciplines. Although I do not have any horses of my own now, my sister has 3 Warmbloods which I frequently visit and ride occasionally. I have always loved animals and couldn’t imagine my life without them

What advice would you give anyone considering race horse ownership?

Think of race horse ownership as an experience not an investment. You will get a lot more enjoyment out of it if you do not have any expectations or expect to make a return on your so called investment.

Don’t think that it is out of reach – it is not! There are plenty of syndicates that you can be involved with. You don’t have to purchase a big share or an expensive horse. You may not win big races but you can certainly enjoy the experience. You can also subscribe to horses for small shares with companies like Hearts Racing. I always thought it was something I could never afford.

My 5{fddcb93768ef9c7fdbaa8f7e3070a154b0816ccbd68b1bd9684c02e142c32ffe} share in Brookwater was less than $1000 all up and his fees are at a cost of about a bought cup of coffee per day. I had to make the decision and forego a couple of ‘luxury’ items I didn’t need to buy each month. Do I regret it? Absolutely not!

Is there anything else you would like to add that you would like us to make mention of?

One thing that has made the racehorse ownership more special for me has been to share it with friends and family that own shares in racehorses (or who are interested). We swap audio reports and updates about the horses. Make sure that we all follow each other’s horses and have built a nice fun little community of our own.

Thank you Rebecca for your time and sharing such a wonderful story about how race horse ownership can change your life.







Interview by Kylie Johnson


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