2017 Winning Wednesday – Monica de Vries

We have been doing Winning Wednesday for a few weeks and our owners are coming forth.  There are many stories out there and I am so excited to bring to you this week, MONICA DE VRIES.  Monica loves racing and has had great success.  SINCERO is a horse that has definitely been a favourite of mine and when you get to meet the owners and know what a horse does in their lives – well – it just makes my heart pound.  What a ride Monica and her family have been on.  And there is more!!!  Monica continues her ownership and it brings her more success.  Congratulations Monica and thank you for your story.  But more so, your love for the thoroughbred.

What is your involvement with thoroughbreds?

My involvement with thoroughbred is owner & breeder always loved race horses

What made you get into ownership?

Our friends got us involved into ownership and then once you experience a win! You want to be more & more involved, I love everything about racing.

How many horses are you in?

At the moment we have shares in about 10 racehorses

But tell us all about your best one?

Our best horse was SINCERO we bought him for $8,000  Sincero won 2 x  G1, a G2 & a G3 the biggest highlight was wining the Stradbroke Cup in 2011, now retired, Sincero was an amazing big black beautiful looking  colt.  Sincero was nominated in the Cox Plate for two years running that was a great experience and very exciting time.  We got to walk the red carpet as Sincero was nominated for the best 3 year old colt of the year awards as well.  We had so much fun with Sincero it was the most wonderful experience we have ever had in racing, everyone tells  you to “enjoy the ride ” & it’s so true!  It was an amazing one! we were truly Blessed to be able to experience that.

When we won the Stradbroke Cup, we party till 7.00am the next day!  Any win is a good win but to win a Group Race its sensational.

Photo8 We had another horse by the name of Honesta she’s a beautiful grey filly – 3 owners involved.  She ran second in the Oaks Stakes in Melbourne 2015 very close second to Jameka.  She’s at stud now as she bowed a tendon while in training, it was a real shame cause she was going so well, but that’s racing!


Now we have a beautiful filly by the name NIETA , she’s doing very well and going through her grades.  We hope to be heading down to Melbourne with her this spring if all goes well and there’s a few others in training too at the moment so I hope it will be an exciting spring 2017.

What is it you like about racing?

I love everything about racing from breeding to when their on the track racing to dressing up.  I have tones of fascinators to match our silk colours.  I love the people in racing – its very social – love the champagne too! And most of all my grown up kids love it too so their always on track with us.  We normally go to the stables early on a Saturday morning with a few carrots to visit our horses and sometimes we meet up with other owners and then go out to breakfast afterwards = that makes it a very pleasant morning.

Are you a member of any Club?

My entire family are members of the ATC.

Where do you go on big race days – the track or watch on TV?

On a big race day we like to be on track but if not will always be watching on TV.

What would encourage you to go to more country racing or you are already passionate about all races?

We are passionate about all races and we have travelled to a lot of country races over the years.

Will you continue further with ownership or enjoy the major wins you have had?

We will continue with ownerships as it makes it fun when there’s a few involved and it cuts the costs down as well.

What does the future of racing hold for you?

We are involved in breeding at the moment – so we hope for a bright and exciting racing future.


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