2017 Winning Wednesday – Melissa & Adam Poche


I am so loving my Winning Wednesdays as this is the time I get to showcase OWNERS and so far these have been my good friends.  And why would they not be?  They are all so passionate and they all LOVE the races.  So this week I want to showcase the amazing MELISSA & ADAM POCHE.  I also have the best time with them sharing in some of their wins.  But let Melissa tell their story as it is all about her today.

How long have you being involved in Ownership?

We ventured into ownership of horses as a family hobby 5 yrs ago.

How many horses do you have?

We have been in eight horses up until now with currently three running or in work.

We have been amazingly lucky and have had some incredible experiences with our horses.

Tell us about them?

Our first horse Cape Clear. He was based in Adelaide so we would venture over there and take our three sons for the weekend to watch him win –  week after week!!!  Say no more, we were all hooked!

Then along came Midsummer Sun, our most successful horse to date.  He took us to wins at Morphettville, Caulfield and a Cup at Gosford. He also took us to an unforgettable Melbourne Cup day where Damian Oliver jumped off Fiorente, after winning the Melbourne Cup and onto Midsummer who came a heart-stopping second.  To be part of that crowd on Cup day, in the mounting yard and at the Owners/Trainers bar afterwards was incredible.

What does race day mean to you?

Race day – to us – is a day with family and friends.  Our boys, their mates and now girlfriends enjoy it just as much as we do.  We have had  some of our friends in the horses with us from the start and have made many new ones along the way.

I enjoy the whole race day experience.  I like to follow the fashion guidelines of the day or the horse’s racing colours.

We always get down to the mounting yard early so I can take some photos of the horse, jockey, trainer, family and friends.

We always wish the jockey a safe ride after his/her instructions. This is when the nerves set in and Adam always gives me a kiss for luck before the start of the race.

We always celebrate a win with a family and  friends dinner, where ever we may be. If we are in Sydney, we will always go back to our golf club (at some stage) as the locals will always be there to celebrate with us.

Our current runners Invinzabeel and Embley have given us a great few wins over the last 12 months including our first win at Randwick and Rosehill which was very special. Our latest horse, Taikamochi is a maiden three yrs old, so it will be exciting to see what he can do.

I am lucky enough to have a great bunch of friends who enjoy racing, so even if we don’t have a horse racing we try to get to the track as much as possible and all have a bet together.

If we are lucky enough to have a big win I like to buy a memento such as earrings or a cocktail ring from the racing colours.

I also love the fashion and particularly the carnival days with the great atmosphere and beautiful fashions.

So through the horses I have been fortunate to meet you, Sharon, who has become a fabulous friend and has introduced me to the world of millinery, your beautiful lunches and another amazing set of incredible women.

Awwww I am loving all my friends for saying such lovely words!!!!  

Good luck to Melissa and Adam Poche and we wish them abundance of success as race horse owners.



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