2016 Country Racing – Goulburn Cup – 20 November

It is always fun getting away for the day especially to a country race meeting.

DSC_0006.JPGOn this day, I was purely asked to be a special guest and to attend the President’s Luncheon on Goulburn Cup Day. Of course I always ask if I may take a few photos of the fashions and the races.

Meeting new people is always one of the best things I love on a race day.  But if it now means meeting race friends, to those looking after our loved race horses after racing and then to add further, polo friends – well, I am in heaven.  That is what Goulburn provided for me.

Country races brings the local community together and let’s them all enjoying the same thing – a day out, a bit of a punt, a bit of a drink and lots of socialising. With all this, you can see why you can’t ask for a better day out.  But there is something even more special about country racing that is very hard to explain. Just make sure you put one in your calendar to experience such a day.

My day begun with my dear friend Kerry McGlone picking me up from the train station and for the first time (we have been trying for ages) we got to spend the day together doing something we both love – a day at the races!!!!

On arrival, we were greeted by Robyn Fife, who DSC_0194.JPGso kindly invited me on the day, and was shown where the marquee was for our special lunch.  The marquee was beautiful and was filled with lovely people.  A special mention must go to Colleen Goth who is also on the committee but has become a very dear friend. Colleen was presenting for Race 5 and kindly invited me to come into the enclosure and the winners’ room.

There was of course Fashions on the Field where it was great to watch Kerry really gets a buzz out of it.  All her family members won a prize including her grandson who competed for the first time.  All were absolutely stunning.  Great job to all those that competing.  You all looked lovely.


Race 6 – a huge highlight for me – I finally met a wonderful woman who is a huge supporter of the Thoroughbred Club.  Well it goes without saying we hit it off and is now my new best friend (ha, ha).  A new polo world – here I come!!!!

It was great to see and chat with DSC_0280.JPGChynna Marston (ex jockey) who you have already heard a bit about if you were at my last event.  Stay tuned as we are heading to her property to hear more about her outstanding achievements and especially her love for the re-educating of the ex race horse (which you know is my true passion).  As always, Chynna did a great job picking winners on the day and being quite informative as she commentated on air for Sky Racing.

When all the formalities were over, it was greatThe group.jpg to chat to Kathryn Pengilley (who did an amazing job of running the show and was MC of the marquee) and Julieanne Horseman (now with Racing NSW but wore her fashion judge’s hat on for this day).

So another day comes to a close – not without expression my gratitude and congratulations to the board of Goulburn District Racing – well done.

President : Ken Ikin
Vice President : Fred Cooper
Treasurer: Kevin Hay

Secretary: Greg Wilson
Track Supervisor: Brody Willis
Marketing Manager : Robyn Fife








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