About Thoroughbred Events Australia

Promoting outstanding talent in the thoroughbred industry

Thoroughbred Events Australia was established by Sharon Lenton who has been attending races all over Australia for over 30 years.

The need to showcase up and coming milliners in order to have a different affordable piece to attend the races each week, was the drive behind this business.  Our luncheons give milliners a platform, a voice and a venue to show their exquisite millinery pieces prior to each carnival.

After many year, Sharon went in search of her much wanted couture racing fashion line that could be attached to her brand – Zac & Tallulah was then born.  Today this label is still be developed but is based on simple exquisite lines that makes any woman look classic and glamorous.

Her next mission turned to the thoroughbreds who had no voice after they finished racing, so again, her next baby was born – The Thoroughbred Club.

The Thoroughbred Club has purchased 4 horses and gave them a home, sponsored numerous polo, show jumping & dressage events and now moves into the judging horse in hand with both thoroughbreds and standardbreds.


Welcome to the world of Thoroughbred Events Australia who is extremely active in the Thoroughbred Circles.